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June 28, 2012

Life is hilarious right now.

I’m writing a pilot, which has been put on hold because I have to move this week, which was put on hold (or pause, rather, since I’m still moving Sunday) because yesterday was my birthday and we went to Palm Springs, which was cut short because the man had to come back early for a few auditions. All throughout I have been hired at a second job (which was something I wanted to do because my new place is more expensive and I feel like it might be time for a change), but I’m trying to keep perspective because I don’t want to devote my entire life to my survival job(s). That being said, old job has two different menu tests in the next five days and new job has one. I’m literally up to my neck in ridiculous work, all the while trying to pack up my apartment without packing anything I may need in the next three days. Excuse me, I have to google some weird food names now so I don’t fail my finals dinner tests.

I’ll leave you a picture of less-stressful times. Yesterday evening floating in the pool at The Viceroy Palm Springs…


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