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Nothing about Plaid

April 24, 2012

I wrote a remarkable piece of literature to post yesterday and then the internet gods decided the web wasn’t ready for that kind of brilliance, so they made it disappear, quite literally, into the internet abyss.

I’m not going to tell you what I wrote about, because it would be impossible to do it justice. Let me just go on telling you a few things that have been in my reality lately.

Girls: The HBO show and the gender.

I spend too much time defending girls. And Girls for that matter. If we can run around saying that guys need to grow up and stop being boys and start being men, then we need to stop behaving like little girls and start behaving like women. I think it was Louis CK who said he never wanted to date another “girl” again. Girls can be mean to each other for no reason. Girls are all too often blinded by jealousy and selfishness. Let’s behave like women if we’re going to call ourselves feminists, hell, even if we’re not.

And yes, I’ve been defending the shit out of Lena Dunham lately. I’m sick of all the backlash. It’s not a show for everyone and it’s not about everyone. It’s a show about upper middle class, white people struggling with their life pursuits without their parents’ help for the first time in their lives. And it’s a comedy. Stop fighting about it. Either watch it or not.

Yogurt Raisins

I fully recognize that in no realistic realm of the universe is this an appropriate sub-topic, and for that I issue full apologies, however…do you know how good those fuckers are? Have you ever grabbed a handful of yogurt raisins and been unhappy?


Can I get someone’s level of education, thoughts on homemade dessert vs Twinkies, and whether or not they’ve ever been outside of the US on their Yelp profile before I decide to listen to their review? 68% of people are not up to my standards for recommendations. Just saying. Also, yes, I know I’m being rude. And no, I do not want a bagel with my brunch, LA, I will just get mad.


When I lived in New York I always felt like the dumbest person in the room, and I felt like most of Manhattan’s homeless at least had Bachelor’s degrees. Now that I live in LA, I’m pretty sure my MENSA acceptance letter is on it’s way.


Flies. Seriously. Like an eagle, or a mosquito. I remember when waiting for the last month of school to end was the longest thing in the world. These days, a month goes by and I barely remember to file my nails or shave my legs. (Sorry). Or…write in this blog.


kbyenow here is a picture of a two people posing in a mirror on the set ofThe Shining and Jack Nicholson standing around being fucking awesome. Because the internet is fantastic.


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