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October 7, 2011

Like the last murmur before sleep, like the final sip of a great red, there was something left, something worth waiting for. They kept telling her to wait for it, to prepare, to study and moisturize and remember what’s important. Remember that you can always drink water from a wine glass, remember what art means, or maybe it was, “you can always drink wine from a water glass, and what is art, again?”. Either way it’s right.

Why don’t they have veggie burgers in this bar? Is religion relevant? Don’t forget to tweet your homework.

There’s more out there, just wear your bathrobe. Or just change out of your bathrobe. Which was it? Try to hold your breath or never hold it?

Keep your eyes open under water.

Not saltwater. That’s foolish. Save your ticket stubs. Get rid of your trash.

She keeps forgetting her mantra. Most things worth saying have already been said. All of them. Learn to keep your mouth shut. No one gave her a mantra, she was supposed to make one up but she had to clean the bathtub.

Time slips away when you’re allowing yourself to wait, she thought as she aged in the mirror in front of her. Not really, but it was interesting to fantasize about the aging process. Skin like velcro shoes. Whatever that means.

She has to go. There’s waiting to do. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. October 7, 2011 11:14 PM

    I like that you used the word “mantra,” because reading this, it felt like one.

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