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>Ode To Vacation

July 1, 2010

>I went to bed at 11 pm last night. This is no feat for those with jobs, but since I am clearly unemployable (although, I managed to get a babysitting job yesterday, so at least I can go on vacation knowing I’m $30 richer. Awesome.) this is seriously weird. Especially since the only thing I have to do today is finish packing, go for a swim, and be ready to go to the airport by 5:00. I just passed out and it felt damn good. I woke up at 9 am, because that was TEN hours of sleep. Whhhhaat?! So yeah, here I am wondering if I should start packing or don my bathing suit and hit the gym before Senior Happy Hour starts at the pool (just my personal name for every other time I’ve used the pool there. Geriatrics love swimming).

Before I go get on with my super busy day (haHA!) I wanted to leave you, on this holiday weekend, with a list of some favorite vacation songs and the places they remind me of. Take note, usually these songs remind me of the places I’ve been because of my brothers and their ipods, which I frequently borrow/inherit as I am broke and they are…apparently riddled with iPods. Here goes:

Tragic Kingdom-No Doubt (The Hamptons, 2000/2001?)
Come Sail Away-Styx (Lake Placid, 2007)–>this deserves a side note and a nod to whatever the Classic Rock station exists in Lake Placid, NY, because my brothers and I were stuck in the car waiting for my dad to come back from a fudge and dessert shop while it poured and all we had were each other and the Styx…and it was beautiful. There are videos of this day somewhere, but since my computer is a mutilated mess, I’ll spare you the video, even though you’d love it.
This Love-Maroon 5 (New Jersey Shore, 2007?) Judge not, lest ye be judged. Dicks.
Paper Planes-MIA (Lake George, 2008) Twenty college friends in one house and you’re bound to hear this for every round of 9 am beer pong/”Girls, make pancakes!”
Mr. Therapy Man-Justin Nozuka (Hamptons, 2008)–> Another story, sorry. My friends and I were driving back from the Hamptons and had a mystery CD that my friend’s sister had left in the car with no labels on it, and this song was on the cd. We spent literally an hour trying to guess the race of the man singing. First we thought he was black, then we figured half-black, then we went for some hispanic blend. Then we called my brother, who generously googled this information for us (we didn’t have smart phones yet? Maybe this was 2007, I’m starting to think it was) and found out that he was half-asian. Image our shock and pleasure at such a fact. Justin Nozuka holds a special place in our hearts now.
Mardy Bum-Arctic Monkeys (Hawaii, 2009)
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa-Vampire Weekend (Hawaii, 2009) Okay, so my ipod broke right as we were about to go to Hawaii and my little brother gave me his and as a result Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys will forever be implanted in my head as associated with this vacation, because that little 15 year old jock loves these bands. Who knew.

Someday I’ll tell you about the time that I spent the 4th of July at Dustin Hoffman’s house, but not today.

Just kidding, that’s kind of the whole story. He wasn’t even there.

Okay, time to see how many pairs of shoes will realistically fit into my new suitcase.

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  1. July 1, 2010 2:44 PM

    ><3 dustin

  2. July 2, 2010 9:23 PM

    >haha, i ❤ MIA's Paper Planes. it was the theme song for my summer a couple of years ago.also, left you a blog award here:

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