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>Friday: A List

June 12, 2010

>I’m sick of complaining and whining on here, so here is a list of things that are currently making me happy:

  • Looking through old notebooks
  • Mojitos
  • Those who are unashamed to wear sunglasses inside
  • A good, thorough apartment cleaning
  • The beach rocks that I collected are now on display in a vase on my kitchen peninsula…looking good
  • Atlanta 4th of July flight booked…new cities in 2010!
  • Summer bbq season in full swing…along with colorful sunglasses, straw hats, sundresses, and sockless sneaker weather
  • Fondue. Just cheese, always
  • My *just* purchased Amazon order: “Just Kids”-Patti Smith’s book (highly recommended by my Mom), “Clueless”, and “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion”, I mean, how have I not owned those dvds!?
  • Knowing that my brother will be back in the country SO soon (semesters abroad are supposed to be four months, not six, I’m sick of this)…even though he gets back from Barcelona the day I fly to Atlanta.
  • Cereal. All the time.
  • Realizing that so much of what I have right now is exactly what I’ve always wanted (even if just as much isn’t quite there yet).
  • Knowing that even though I have way less money than I had when I was working at the restaurant, the freedom to audition, travel, and just live my life within the terms that fit my particular lifestyle is priceless.
  • “Pretty Woman” on TV right now
  • Listening to loud music and staying in bed for far too long.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be at a BBQ in Connecticut tomorrow…what are you doing? Leave it in the comments, I’m curious!

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