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Assorted and/or Obvious Thoughts

April 6, 2014

-Work makes you tired.

-Working out makes you tired AND hungry.

-Just because I don’t pay for my electricity doesn’t mean that I don’t “pay” for it.

-I do NOT understand why we cannot find this plane. (Should we consult the ex-LOST writers?)

-That time I got drunk with my friends, ate Artichoke Pizza and made fun of the way Bob Dylan sings has ruined Dylan for me 48% of the time. Also, it makes me want pizza every time I hear “Just Like A Woman”.

-There isn’t anything better than a well-executed surprise.

-99% of what I read on my Facebook feed makes me audibly groan.

-When people ask me to do them favors I say “yes” mostly because I know that I have to ask people for favors sometimes and I just want them to say “yes”, too.

-You know that song? I can’t remember what it’s called…you know it though…

-62% of my stress comes from worrying about whether I watch enough or too much TV.

-Slapping someone in the face is a very effective method of letting them know that you think they deserve to be slapped in the face.

-Patricia Arquette’s boobs should’ve won an Oscar in the 90s.

-You look like an asshole reading Ayn Rand…you just do.-Is there anything more perfect than great tomato sauce?


Side note: a man today told me that he was on ludes and that Buzz Aldrin was his real father and that if I needed a job he knew a salad place that was a business firm that gave every new employee a new BMW. So I now work at this salad place. It’s on the moon. Buzz Aldrin isn’t there but he never was…


March 27, 2014

There’s still an epic East Coast-West Coast battle going on, years after the death of both Biggie and Tupac. This isn’t a rap battle but an inner struggle. Or maybe a cultural struggle, it’s certainly bigger than just me.

See, I was brought up to hate Los Angeles. Maybe not technically, but it sure felt that way. It was worse than just hating LA; I hated every city that wasn’t New York. The myths are true, New Yorkers are bred (whether intentionally or not) to be completely short-sighted about other cities. I don’t think my younger brothers feel this way, but maybe it was those few early, formative years in the city, before becoming a product of the suburbs, or maybe it has just always been my personality, but I truly hated other cities. Once, on a trip to Chicago in the late 90s, my aunt tried to sell the merits of the Windy City to me and I remember having some condescending, evil response to the likes of, “Ugh, but if its not New York it just doesn’t feel like a real city to me,” which probably caused my mother a lot of parenting grief when the report came back to her. To be fair, I disagree with this now, especially after living in Los Angeles. I certainly recognize that Chicago is a real city. Hell, Boston is even a real city, but let’s not get me started…*

The point is that I don’t live in New York CIty. In fact, of all the permanent addresses I’ve ever had, New York City is the place that I’ve lived for the shortest time. Seriously. I know. Seriously. I’m more of an Angeleno than a New Yorker. I have become my own worst nightmare, my biggest fear. My iPhone lock screen may display a black and white snapshot of the Brooklyn Bridge (or the Empire State from Tompkins Sq Park–they’re on a rotation) and I may wear a small silver pendant with “NYC” pressed into the metal around my neck, but my Instagram feed is all bouganvilla, sunsets, palm trees, & #chia smoothies. With each passing month the thought of returning to the tiny apartment caves that cost almost twice as much as my huge spanish style studio with sunset views…well, to be honest, ICan’tEven. Also, I really like being able to buy my toilet paper in bulk. And these are all things that I SWORE I would never say because I mean how can you EVEN compare life in New York to life anywhere else? But see, the thing is, you don’t have to compare it…you just have to live it.



*I don’t actually hate Boston for any real reasons, especially not sports related ones (see: fuck the Yankees), I’ve just never REALLY had a good time there. Also, a lot of people I don’t particularly like live there (no…not my brother, he’s cool by me).




PS: I would like to apologize to my former self, my family, and all of my friends on the east coast for even writing this. At least you can rest easy knowing that I hate myself for feeling it more than you can possibly imagine…but you can’t fight the fever.


March 11, 2014

Something about Los Angeles nights and the distance from the city at any given point. Something about the way the lights look in the distance that makes you feel more alone. Something about the silence and the absence of street noise that makes you forget. Something about sleeping on the left side of the bed makes you remember. Something about the empty space to stretch your right leg and the stagnant air. Something about the heat of the sun and the chill of the night that makes it feel colder. Something like feeling sick and having to take care of yourself. Something like the way your bedroom smelled when you got home from school. Something about the way english muffins used to taste when you’d spread butter on them and watch it melt into all the little holes before you thought of them as calories. Something like getting your feet rubbed by someone who isn’t rushing to stop. Something about the first time you saw a shooting star…somewhere like Sara’s roof. Something about the boy you wanted to kiss on the Ferris Wheel, but he got to the carnival too late and instead talked about his dick all night.

Something like the disappointment you feel when you realize that life isn’t about falling in love and letting go of every other feeling but falling in love with all of those other feelings. And then something like the feeling that comes after that. Like a shooting star across a skyline, or a bubble bath over the city. Or a bottle of wine and a cheese plate. Something like perfection in this imperfect world of confusing people and crazy ideas and making things happen. Something like happiness, just less butter in the holes. Something like the time you stayed out all night. Nothing like the fear of losing. Nothing like the time you ran into the hallway and cried your first selfless tears. Everything like yelling “I love you” in an argument while staring at the Tylenol bottle in the open corner cabinet. Something like Bailey’s on ice cream on New Year’s Eve. A little bit like seven people in a hot tub in the snow. A lot like seventeen people in a hot tub in the snow. Something like friend love. Something like a city from a plane at night.

Something like the guy on 10th Avenue who remembers you like everything bagels. Something like that time you went to the World Trade Center to pick up Broadway tickets and then the play sucked. Something like the African cafe on Avenue A where you ate eggs a hundred times but always thought about him. Sometimes, just waking up with the windows open. A little bit like standing with the smokers on the fire escape and flicking cigarettes across 5th street. Just like the smell of wings and beer and walking around in flip flops in the evenings on Sundays and getting pasta. Absolutely, always, perfectly like Sundays.

Like the big, plastic softball we’d hit over the carport with the skinny yellow bat. Like the tire swing hanging from the tree with the carpet around it so we wouldn’t get scratched, just maybe rug-burned. Like the times before they all got sick and there was all the laughing. Like an open-mouthed laugh that goes on and on.

Just like being in love with the world again, but watching it from the perch above the city, the other city.Image

Welcome to the Future…

February 13, 2014

The past month and a half have been a whirlwind of preparation, the culmination of which was this past weekend. Now that the storm is over, I have time to live in my own head again. A scary place to come back to. A place of “what next?”, “where to?”, and “what if?” So I’m taking a few days off. Not off from my day-to-day job, but from my expectations for myself. I’m not allowed to start any new projects until Monday, no deadlines, no obligations whatsoever, other than to show up at work in the afternoons.
As a result, yesterday I watched all of Top of the Lake, on Netflix (GO WATCH THIS!!). Today I took a yoga class in the meadow at the Silver Lake Reservoir (yes, outside…sorry, those stuck in snowstorms), went for a long, wine included, lunch with girlfriends, and am going to take a nap. Because this is my vacation. I don’t get vacation days, I don’t get “time off”, because to get ahead in this business (or any freelance business, really), you have to ALWAYS be working, and as a result it is very, very easy to literally NEVER stop working. It’s why, I believe, so many artists turn to drugs and alcohol; as a way to shut off their always working brains. So I’m allowing myself to step out. Not entirely…the phone is still on, the emails still coming in, the ideas still flowing, but I’m not allowed to put any pressure on myself to be doing anything until Monday. And on Monday, it’ll be full-speed-ahead.In the meantime, I have 5,409 buzzfeed quizzes to complete. WHAT EMOJI AM I?!?!?!More words soon. Promise.

2013 Reflections

December 30, 2013

2013 kicked off with a bang, the bullet kind, not the firework kind, and proceeded to be one of the most challenging years yet. In reflection of the past twelve months, the only theme that I can piece together is one of trial and error. The decisions I’ve had to make this year were important and the kind of decisions that you weigh carefully, the kind of decisions that help shape you as a person. I went in to 2013 with one goal: patience. It was a lofty goal and the virtue I lack most. The result, now that the year is almost over, has been overwhelmingly positive. I feel that I’ve grown considerably and been hugely productive, and as I sit here listening to the entire “Abby Road” album for what has to be the 60,000th time I find that I like myself, as I am, quite a bit. It’s strange that as you grow older you are on a sort of Ferris Wheel of self-awareness; you spin closer and then further away from your own identity and your ability to see yourself from an outsider’s perspective.

As I work harder and harder to achieve some sort of satisfaction, I discover time and time again that satisfaction is a rare state. To be satisfied is too close to being complacent and to be complacent is to deny growth. In my experience, the possibility of success in one’s life is directly proportionate to the ability to clearly see the success and picture it for oneself. Thusly, it is nearly impossible to achieve something that you haven’t been working towards, and therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you work incredibly hard. I waver between thinking myself an overachiever and a slacker, which probably means that I am some strange astrological combination of the two (hello, Leo/Cancer meld…take that with as many grains of salt as you need to). It is no coincidence that the man who said, “Be so good they can’t say no”, grew up to be an incredibly successful comedian, actor, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and musician. That’s Steve Martin, in case you haven’t been paying attention. The man is constantly working, and not waiting for the phone to ring, although I suspect that it still rings quite often.

So if last year was an exercise in patience (and, yes, it certainly was), 2014 will be an exercise in hard work. To be more specific, working my ass off. I tend to take on several projects at once, in a sort of organized ADD fashion, as I get bored of one thing and need to jump to another, and then back to the first. It’s not that I don’t finish projects, I do, but more that if I was able to harness all of my creative energy into one project it would more than likely benefit the work.  I don’t suspect that next year will be easy, nor do I suspect to bear the proverbial fruits of my labors, not yet, but I expect that if I buckle down and work my ass off, it’s not too far off.

The highlights of 2013 are simple:

Film: Viewing, acting, producing, writing. An amazing year.

Travel (New Orleans, New York/Jersey-four times, Las Vegas, Vermont-twice, Miami, Rochester, San Francisco-twice). I think that’s travel to seven states in 2013. Not bad.

And any and all moments of extreme, uncontrollable laughter with friends and family, of which there have been so very many…and each and every one might not be specifically memorable, but without these moments I simply wouldn’t be able to make it through the hard days. It is the moments of pure joy that make life worth living. Laughing so hard that your abs hurt is the best feeling in the entire world.



It’s Cold Outside!

December 5, 2013

When people in LA complain about the cold it isn’t the same ache-y, miserable, bone chilling cold of the Northeast…but it’s bad. It’s not bad because it’s freezing, it’s bad because your apartment doesn’t have insulation or heat and you are 98% sure that your window doesn’t actually even shut. So when it’s 49 degrees (it’s currently 49 degrees!), it feels frickin COLD, okay? Stop telling me I’m not allowed to complain, I don’t want to complain, this is gloating, I’m HAPPY it’s cold. I love sitting here with my hood up counting down the minutes until I can watch more Scandal (guys, it’s not a show, it’s an addiction and I need to catch up so that I stop watching dozens of episodes a day…help).

In other news, I’ve lived in LA for over three years now. Yuck. Yay. Yuck. Yay. Aghahaaaa. Okay, so I haven’t achieved all of my goals, but I have done some noteworthy things. Speaking of noteworthy things, there’s a Kickstarter going to help my short film (SUNDAY) submit to festivals. I really, REALLY think we have a good film here and would love to be able to premiere it at some awesome events around the country, so your help would be amazing. A few bucks, that’s it. Come over and I’ll make you coffee one morning in exchange. The link is here: Kickstarter! If you can’t donate, please, please, please share the link on Twitter, or Facebook or your blog…We have 14 days to raise $380! It’s not a lot of money, so let’s get this thing done!!

Here’s a photo from the shoot!


Things to Watch

November 20, 2013

“Busy” would be a gross understatement to explain my life right now, but I’m feeling very fortunate to be so busy (and also very glad to be motivated to keep myself this busy), and at the risk of falling behind at the routine tasks I enjoy, I wanted to be sure to post before things got even crazier.

Earlier this year I decided that 2013 would be the year of “patience” for me. And it has. I’ve waited for a lot of things to change, and I’ve waited to be able to change a lot of things, at the risk of sounding vague (but keeping the personal just that) I’ll say this: things have and are changing and I’d like to think that all this is for the better. I’m an impulsive person, but I’m also very reluctant to upset my own life and my own comfort level, so I’ve been very careful and very patient in waiting to know which steps to take to live the best version of my life right now. That being said, it feels really good to be working so hard towards the things that I love.

-Follow @sundaytheshort on Twitter for updates, trailers, photos, clips, etc about the short film that I acted in/wrote/produced.

-Check out my new website for acting news, stand up shows, etc.

-I’ve been taking class at Berg Studios for over a year now and can honestly say that it’s changed my entire viewpoint on being an actor.

-I started watching Scandal and I’m upset that there are so many episodes on Netflix because I’m starting to talk really fast and pretend that everything is very important. (Also, Don’t Trust the B- in Apt 23 is hilarious, and the New Girl drinking game we created is a surefire way to not be able to drive home…(just drink every time they say “Nick”))

-I bought a record player and immediately spent way too much money on some very choice vinyl (Rain Dogs & Led Zeppelin III, how do you say no?)

-Next week is my three year anniversary of living in LA…more on that next week.

-In honor of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, I give you a recipe for the best thing I’ve ever made to contribute/ No one will hate you for bringing this (except those darn lactose intolerants).

-Do you follow me on Twitter? Why not? I tweet about cheese and boobs a lot…what’s wrong with you? @adria27

-I have some friends doing some pretty rad things…you like rad things? Check out my rad friends: Free & Native, Dark Furs, Pat & Amanda.


she like

October 29, 2013

She like a coconut.

She like pineapple pizza.

She like these fruits that are really polarizing.

She like brussel sprouts and lima beans and other rejected vegetables.

She like the peas mashed underside of the plate cause the family

have no dog and her brother have an irrational hatred of peas.

Pea Nazi.

Letters to my former self…

October 22, 2013

Found some old notebooks and went through them recently. I think it’s interesting to share thoughts from past versions of ourselves sometimes. Here’s some fun little highlights & colorful commentary in hindsight:

February, 2004

“I’m really going to miss this place! it’s February. In 6 months I’ll be in college. When did I get so old?”

Oh shut up, 17 year old Adria.

“Miami April 10-15 ’04

Nobu at the Shore Club. Wow! Rain, Thunder, Lightening [sic], frogs, vaginas. Sat + talked in gorgeous cabana w/white beds, pillows, white sheets, candles and Ronny from NYU with the cigar.”

At least at one point in your life you could afford to eat at a place like Nobu, but I’m sorry…frogs & vaginas? And you’re about to go to college and you can’t spell lightning? Ronny from NYU with the cigar might be oddly unmemorable, but the white sheet obsession is forever.


There’s something about being in high school that’s just so forgiveable. You’re expected to constantly make the wrong decisions. So what is the next step? How does one transition from expected error to constant charm? We can’t all just be expected to dine at the Plaza on our eighteenth birthdays, some of us want to make mistakes forever. AB”

Oh MAN! Don’t worry, you’ll continue to make mistakes for a long time. Good job predicting that one. And as for the next step? Here’s a preview, it involves a lot of alcohol and classic rock. And no one is constantly charming, especially people who use phrases like “dine at the Plaza”, you brat.

“February 2006

I desperately need to get out of this country. I ache. Something terribly important is MISSING! Why am I so obsessed with re-living my life through documents and words and pictures and boxes? I wish I knew how to feel CLEAN! Fulfill my desire and not have regrets. Hope is the most painful emotion. If giving up were harder I could let myself commit such a tyrannous act. I’m not strong, I’m just too weak to stop trying.”

Oh, holy Jesus, Adria. Okay. One step at a time here. What’s missing? Your sanity. Clearly this nostalgia thing isn’t ending anytime soon. To feel clean, try a shower. Or less Keystone Light and sleeping on couches in Fraternity houses. Ew. Also, it sounds like you’re depressed and reading WAY too much Shakespeare. Such a tyrannous act? Really? REALLY!? And I don’t know what the hell this all means, but it sounds pretty strong to me being that you view giving up as a TYRANNOUS ACT you LUNATIC. Seriously, stop reading so much.

“Sunday 11 February 07 [London]

I’ve decided that I take myself out on Sundays. Try and find new places in the city–new things I like. Today, after a particularly nice workout I wondered around, walking directly into the red carpet for the BAFTAs. Nothing too interesting though, I didn’t feel like standing around and not even seeing anything so I found a Health Food store and bought Veggie Burgers and Sausages (I’ve been looking everywhere). Now I’m sitting in a cafe called Maison Malinowski somewhere between Covent Garden and Soho. I just had a delicious croissant w/jam and an Earl Grey tea and read some of The Changeling. I really enjoy this Sunday day alone thing. […] Last night we went to the Soho Lounge, nothing special but a decent time. The grilled cheese I made myself when I got home was better than the club. […] I’m horribly excited to go to Barcelona next weekend and Paris in March.”

I’m going to kill you, you pompous little shit. Oh boy, you really are an insufferable little health food store seeking nutcase. Vegetarian sausages, isn’t that a metaphor for this stage of your life. The grilled cheese thing stands up, though. Totally still prefer grilled cheese to clubs. Yup. I’m horribly excited for you to grow out of this fanciful manner of writing. PS: What happens in The Changeling, we don’t remember.

Music, Words & Catching Up

October 12, 2013

Now that my summer of travel is over and fall is arriving in Los Angeles in its own way (sunshine, wind, and finally scarves and jackets!) I’ve had some time to reflect on the past few months and how I plan on spending the rest of 2013.

Last week, I had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in four years (seriously?! Time, she doth fly), and I asked her, in between shoveling enchiladas into my mouth, what made her drop out of law school to pursue writing full time and she gave such an amazing answer that I felt the need to share it here. She said that she realized that she was putting so much effort into something that she wasn’t sure she wanted, so she decided to put forth that much effort for something that she did want. Isn’t that beautiful? So now I just need to dedicate myself to my work as if it were a full time job and stop spending so much wasted time worrying about what everyone else I know is up to and how much more productive they are. The jealousy will kill you. The jealousy WILL kill our ability to flourish. And by “you” and “our” I mean me. So I’m hunkering down and really putting my priorities in order and really working on all of the projects I’ve set out to finish before year’s end (or at least just be more productive).

Last weekend I went to Way Over Yonder (Newport Folk Festival brought their show to the Santa Monica Pier), and aside from the bands I went to see (Neko Case, The Felice Brothers, Calexico, Conor Oberst), here are three bands that KICKED ASS that you should totally check out if this kind of music makes you smile ear-to-ear. I had the dumbest smile on my face all weekend and I can safely say it wasn’t the beer or the bloody marys (okay, maybe partially the bloody marys), but the music! It was easily the best $80 I’ve spent in a long time and the only time I’ve ever been to a music festival (the thought of Coachella makes me want to claw my eyeballs out and throw them at neon wearing, Molly popping frat kids…) I cannot recommend that you click the next three links more…just do it. You won’t regret it:

First Aid Kit

Shovels & Rope

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Also, a few weeks ago I went up to San Francisco (it’s becoming a little bit of an addiction…I love that city!) to shoot a short film that I wrote with a friend of mine. We’re in post-production right now, but we have a Twitter handle if you want to follow @SundayTheShort to find out when we’ve got a trailer, a release date, festival info, stills, etc. Aside from shooting and catching up with friends up in the Bay Area, I was also able to meet up with my parents on their first couples vacation in 27 years (Jeeeeeeeeeeeez). Here’s some photos:

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

From Alcatraz

From Alcatraz

'Cisco meets the Pacific

‘Cisco meets the Pacific