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“Amy” and other connected thoughts

July 15, 2015

On Tuesday night I went to see “Amy”, the documentary about Amy Winehouse. Yes, Amy was an extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter, and yes, Amy was a drug addict and an alcoholic, and yes, my weekly whiskey web series uses Amy’s song “Rehab” in its opening credits. Let me correct myself; I set the opening credits of “Women Do Whiskey” to Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”.

All future episodes of “Women Do Whiskey” will have a different song over the title card. About halfway through our first season with “WDW”, I had second thoughts about using “Rehab” in our opening, but dismissed them as being too conservative. Look, it probably doesn’t make any difference (we are certainly not licensed to use the song…I KNOW-but we don’t make any money off our show. Yet.), but the fact of the matter is, if someone told me (or Rosie) to go to rehab, we wouldn’t say “no, no, no”, and that is not an issue to be taken lightly.

We’ve gotten a lot of flack for our show. Several members of our respective families disapprove of what we’re doing, think it is “low” or “distasteful” and have used many other adjectives with negative connotations. This merits discussion. First of all, I challenge you, disapproving viewer, to ask yourself if you would have the same feelings about the project if we were reviewing, say, wine. Secondly, I wonder if you would have the same feelings about the show if we were men reviewing whiskey. If your feelings change with either of those caveats, maybe ask yourself what about those other situations would be acceptable to you, yet WDW is not.

Now, let’s discuss the “real issue”. We have been urged by our fans to drink more, get drunker, and even wear less clothing (I know, seriously). These things don’t appeal to us. From the beginning this project was about getting together and having a drink, talking about that drink, and being friends. We are interested in learning more about whiskey so that the show can evolve, not so that we can drink more.

If I ever did have a problem with drugs or alcohol I would hope that one of my close friends or family members would step forward and confront me about it. I would hope that I would listen. Substance abuse hurts so many people, and I care about the people in my life, and I respect my body.

I respect my health so much, in fact, that I have just signed up to take a yoga teacher training course. I try not to eat junk food! In fact, I’ve never had a fast food burger (okay, I’ve had In-N-Out, but that’s it). I don’t drink soda, I don’t buy potato chips, I don’t even eat breakfast cereal because it’s loaded with sugar. I’m pretty damn healthy, so why would I want to poison my body with excess booze? I don’t. All right, sometimes it happens, but a hell of a lot less than it used to, and honestly? I turn down shots. I categorically refuse tequila (unless its very high end, I just can’t stomach it). Sure, I could probably drink you under the table, but I don’t want to. That’s not fun to me. You know what is fun? Good conversation. Good music. Dancing. Laughing. Kissing. Do you know how many drinks you need to have for those things to take place? None. Okay, sometimes one just to get you out of the house, but what I’m saying is, its not vital. Yes, I have a YouTube show about whiskey. Yes, I love wine. Yes, I like to go out and socialize. Yes, I’m outgoing. But I value my friends and family too much to let any liquid get in the way of those relationships. Women Do Whiskey is about friendship just as much as it’s about whiskey. Actually, more, because without the friendship that Rosie and I have there would be no WDW. Now, let’s raise a glass to the women, not the whiskey.

(If you haven’t seen the show, check it out here! We’re on hiatus until the fall, but there’s 20 episodes to catch up on!)

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  1. July 16, 2015 10:27 AM

    Please bare with me I’m driving
    Hello Woman which does whiskey,
    Fan of the show, still waiting on some episodes featuring more vinyl! As I don’t feel that more booze and letting me loose would boost ratings, as a respectful fan, i pretty much lost interest in the show towards the end. Still a fan for sure I just didn’t look forward to the next episode like I did in the first 15 or so my favorite being the airplane episode. You guys would have a good daily vlog. And one more piece of advice from someone who’s voice is meaningless, use new bottles! It might possibly be just me but especially in episode 12. When the episode starts with an empty bottle, all I’m thinking is “Ew, where did they find that bottle?” I’ve concluded your Walker Black bottle was found behind a CVS pharmacy, next to a pile of ripped lotto scratchers, 6 cigarettes smoked all the way to the filter , and a pair of broken reading glasses. The kind you buy at CVS. Looking forward to episode to come. Especially the ones pairing vinyl.

    Love and Respect
    Damian of MusicStax

    • July 16, 2015 11:47 PM

      Hey Damian! Commenting and driving sounds dangerous! Thanks for all the feedback, though! This is super helpful and I think your lost interest came from us needing to take a little break, so hopefully when we come back we’ll have some really great new energy and fun stuff for you! I love your thoughts on the JW Black bottle…in fact we were just at our friends’ apartment in Brooklyn that week and decided to use one of the whiskeys from their home bar, so alas, it wasn’t found in an alleyway. I do see your point, though. Thanks for sticking around and coming here to read/comment! Stay tuned for more fun…

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