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To You

October 29, 2014

To you,

You who don’t believe that life ends when you meet the “right guy”. You who doesn’t believe that you “have to do” anything. You who sees an empty piece of paper as a symphony or a poem or a new life, not an empty field of fear.

To you,

You who looks around you and tries, desperately and without any ground beneath your feet, to remember that what you want is still out there. To you who knows that disappointment is for the strong and “sticking with the pain” is for the weak. To you who understands that life isn’t about one person or one thing or one day, but a succession of moments, some good and some bad.

To you,

You who listen to loud music and soulful music and complicated music to drown out the monotony of everything…and when that doesn’t work, you listen to the radio to understand the monotony of everything.

To you who use big words in your lyrics. To you who can’t sleep at night for fear of underperforming. To you who can’t sleep at night for fear of ideas. To you who can’t sleep at night for fear of nightmares, or worse, dreams.

To you who have dried tears on your cheeks. To you who re-watch movies and play songs on a loop to feel bigger. To you who hyperventilate about nothing because nothing is everything, or everything is nothing. Because you know that.

To you,

Who look at me and say “take care of yourself”, you who smile, you who say “take a deep breath” when you don’t know that I need to hear it.

You who sleep alone and dream of another’s face.

To you who will never understand the superiority complex of the upper-middle class, no matter how many you meet. To you who empathize. To you who sympathize.

To you who wish I’d used the word “whom” this whole time.

To you, I’m sorry.

And to you,

I have pages for you.

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