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High School Reunion and Expectations

September 4, 2014



The time has come. My TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION is in a few weeks. I always dreamt about what it would be like to attend this milestone event. How I’d show up super famous and married or engaged to some super hot guy and show everyone how fabulous I’d become. You see, Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion was one of my favorite movies. My best friend and I always said that we’d learn the dance from the movie and perform it at our own reunion. Or each other’s weddings or something. I definitely don’t know the dance. Romy-and-michele-BD_05Also, I’m totally not super famous and I’m definitely not married to some super hot guy…or anyone for that matter. Also, I’m not going to my ten year high school reunion. I live in Los Angeles, 2,779 miles away from the bar where the reunion will take place, I’m still friends with everyone who I wanted to stay friends with from high school (for the most part) and I know what everyone else is up to from Facebook. I also know that a ton of people are already married, several are pregnant, and a few already have families. I’m not interested in competing with them for “best life” because I LOVE my life. I don’t want to be married or have kids yet. I don’t want to find myself four whiskeys deep explaining how I was in a relationship for almost four years with a man who turned out to not be “the one” and how happy I am that I figured that out to someone whose hair inevitably looks better than mine, because I. Don’t. Care. How. My. Hair. Looks. Just kidding. I care how my hair looks. Sort of. But not enough. You know? Not enough to go to some blow dry bar in SoHo and buy an outfit that says “I totally don’t care how I look for you people” and show up to have a pissing contest with people who don’t really care what I’m doing with my life. 

Does this make me the Janeane Garafolo of my own life? Minus the chain smoking and the crush on Sandy Frink, of course. Maybe. Because despite everything, I would like to go. I would like to say that I went. I would like to say hi. I would like to see what it’s like…in a social experiment kind of way. 

Almost every day someone I know or grew up with announces their engagement on Facebook and I have a reaction. Sometimes: who cares! Sometimes: AWWW YAY! Sometimes: FUCK. Sometimes: Oh…that’s a mistake. But mostly: Oh good for them, they look happy. But never: Oh my GOD I’m so behind. Because I don’t think it is a contest, or a competition, or something to take lightly. At this stage of life it is so easy to feel the mounting societal pressure to settle down, but what if you aren’t ready? I’m not miserably single, and I haven’t been miserably single for seven years. Hell, I don’t even think I am single (I should probably figure that out…hang on, gotta make a phone call) I like my life, I like my friends, and marriage is not a “goal” of mine. If I decide to get married, it will be because it makes perfect sense, not for any other reason. I think that marriage can be a really beautiful thing, but it’s not for everyone. I’m not saying it’s not for me, but I’m not ready to pick someone and say, “you’re my family now and forever”, and I think that is completely, absolutely fine. 

Also, if I went, I’d probably just get drunk and tell everyone I invented post-its.


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  1. September 4, 2014 4:31 PM

    D, With the life expectants of your generation you don’t want to be married for 80 years to the same person anyway.

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