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2013 Reflections

December 30, 2013

2013 kicked off with a bang, the bullet kind, not the firework kind, and proceeded to be one of the most challenging years yet. In reflection of the past twelve months, the only theme that I can piece together is one of trial and error. The decisions I’ve had to make this year were important and the kind of decisions that you weigh carefully, the kind of decisions that help shape you as a person. I went in to 2013 with one goal: patience. It was a lofty goal and the virtue I lack most. The result, now that the year is almost over, has been overwhelmingly positive. I feel that I’ve grown considerably and been hugely productive, and as I sit here listening to the entire “Abby Road” album for what has to be the 60,000th time I find that I like myself, as I am, quite a bit. It’s strange that as you grow older you are on a sort of Ferris Wheel of self-awareness; you spin closer and then further away from your own identity and your ability to see yourself from an outsider’s perspective.

As I work harder and harder to achieve some sort of satisfaction, I discover time and time again that satisfaction is a rare state. To be satisfied is too close to being complacent and to be complacent is to deny growth. In my experience, the possibility of success in one’s life is directly proportionate to the ability to clearly see the success and picture it for oneself. Thusly, it is nearly impossible to achieve something that you haven’t been working towards, and therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you work incredibly hard. I waver between thinking myself an overachiever and a slacker, which probably means that I am some strange astrological combination of the two (hello, Leo/Cancer meld…take that with as many grains of salt as you need to). It is no coincidence that the man who said, “Be so good they can’t say no”, grew up to be an incredibly successful comedian, actor, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and musician. That’s Steve Martin, in case you haven’t been paying attention. The man is constantly working, and not waiting for the phone to ring, although I suspect that it still rings quite often.

So if last year was an exercise in patience (and, yes, it certainly was), 2014 will be an exercise in hard work. To be more specific, working my ass off. I tend to take on several projects at once, in a sort of organized ADD fashion, as I get bored of one thing and need to jump to another, and then back to the first. It’s not that I don’t finish projects, I do, but more that if I was able to harness all of my creative energy into one project it would more than likely benefit the work.  I don’t suspect that next year will be easy, nor do I suspect to bear the proverbial fruits of my labors, not yet, but I expect that if I buckle down and work my ass off, it’s not too far off.

The highlights of 2013 are simple:

Film: Viewing, acting, producing, writing. An amazing year.

Travel (New Orleans, New York/Jersey-four times, Las Vegas, Vermont-twice, Miami, Rochester, San Francisco-twice). I think that’s travel to seven states in 2013. Not bad.

And any and all moments of extreme, uncontrollable laughter with friends and family, of which there have been so very many…and each and every one might not be specifically memorable, but without these moments I simply wouldn’t be able to make it through the hard days. It is the moments of pure joy that make life worth living. Laughing so hard that your abs hurt is the best feeling in the entire world.



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