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It’s Cold Outside!

December 5, 2013

When people in LA complain about the cold it isn’t the same ache-y, miserable, bone chilling cold of the Northeast…but it’s bad. It’s not bad because it’s freezing, it’s bad because your apartment doesn’t have insulation or heat and you are 98% sure that your window doesn’t actually even shut. So when it’s 49 degrees (it’s currently 49 degrees!), it feels frickin COLD, okay? Stop telling me I’m not allowed to complain, I don’t want to complain, this is gloating, I’m HAPPY it’s cold. I love sitting here with my hood up counting down the minutes until I can watch more Scandal (guys, it’s not a show, it’s an addiction and I need to catch up so that I stop watching dozens of episodes a day…help).

In other news, I’ve lived in LA for over three years now. Yuck. Yay. Yuck. Yay. Aghahaaaa. Okay, so I haven’t achieved all of my goals, but I have done some noteworthy things. Speaking of noteworthy things, there’s a Kickstarter going to help my short film (SUNDAY) submit to festivals. I really, REALLY think we have a good film here and would love to be able to premiere it at some awesome events around the country, so your help would be amazing. A few bucks, that’s it. Come over and I’ll make you coffee one morning in exchange. The link is here: Kickstarter! If you can’t donate, please, please, please share the link on Twitter, or Facebook or your blog…We have 14 days to raise $380! It’s not a lot of money, so let’s get this thing done!!

Here’s a photo from the shoot!


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