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To-Do List

September 6, 2013

I just found a To-Do List that I wrote sometime in High School (there’s no date, which is odd, since I’ve always been meticulous about keeping track of time) in the dusty back corner of my nightstand at my parents’ house. Here she is:ImageIn case you can’t read it due to the purple ink, wrinkled 15 year old paper, or iPhone photography, here it is typed out.

“1.Go to Australia

2.Live in ny

3.speak french


5.own manolo bhla blahniks

5.go to the acadamy [sic] awards

6.join the mile high club

7.get married on the beach

8.go to Egypt + ride a camel a bartender in a movie

11.ride a motorcycle

12.Dematerialize for a year

Things I want to Be

open-minded, healthy, successful, an actress, knowledgeable”


A few things about this struck me immediately, one being the things on the list that I’ve done (2, 3, 5-albeit I was catering, 9, 10), because five things isn’t bad for a lifelong list that I’ve only had a handful of adult years to accomplish. 

The next thing that was a surprise were the things that I omitted from the list. First of all, it needs to be noted that Sex and The City was VERY popular and I was at a point in my life when I was flipping through a lot of Vogue, so the manolo blahnik item makes sense, but it’s also hilarious that I crossed it off…as if I was so very aware of how ridiculous of a life goal that was. Or maybe I just couldn’t figure out how to spell the damn name and my AOL time was up for the day so I couldn’t search it on Yahoo! Also, the sheer absurdity of having the ownership of a pair of shoes on a life goal list that also includes “dematerialize for a year”. I like how I was fully aware of the fact that I’d never be able to fully commit to a lifetime of armpit hair and the absence of a functional cellular phone, but maybe for a year.

Okay, now let’s talk about the fact that at some point in my life I entertained the idea of actually wanting to have sex in an airplane bathroom, and now let’s talk about how I crossed that out and decided to focus on my desire to have a beach wedding instead, because I am, and always have been a classy broad.

Another item to recognize here is the fact that on my list of LIFELONG GOALS, I wanted to BE A BARTENDER. WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY MOSES IS WRONG WITH ME? That’s not fair, bartending can be fun and I’m glad that I have done it. Way harsh, Tai.

As far as the “Things I Want To Be” section, I’m pretty dern proud of that. Those are some good goals. The fact that I scratched off “an actress” just goes to show you how reluctant I was to admit to anyone (especially myself) that I wanted to do this for a living. I’m pretty pleased with my younger self for using the word “knowledgeable” instead of “smart” or “intelligent”, because I’d like to think that those adjectives aren’t quantifiable (unless you’re just…dumb), but to be knowledgeable, now that’s a good goal. I’m going to remember those goals more than my desire for a beach wedding, or to ride a motorcycle, because that’s what it’s about isn’t it? Health, open-mindedness, knowledge, and some form of success.


Thanks, younger Adria, I feel better now.



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  1. September 6, 2013 7:03 PM

    When I first started reading this I thought the crossed off items were things you had done…

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