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June 26, 2013

As a younger human the anticipation of my birthday always came with the onslaught of summer excitement: no school, sleep-away camp, cicadas, Adirondack lake vacations, etc. These days it’s a far more somber anticipation. For whatever reason, I’ve been rounding up to my next age from April through June for the past few years. Chalk it up to a large concentration of my peers having April birthdays, or the need to keep the age difference between older men and I accurate by year, not month. I think I’m done with it now, though. Twenty-seven seems like the age I’d like to stop at, not that I’m not looking forward to being thirty, because I am, but not for the number on the page as much as the wisdom that comes from having survived through your twenties. I think I’ll stay twenty-seven forever. That is, not yet. I’m still twenty-six, for an entire 2 hours and 21 minutes here on the west coast.

Like most of us who ponder existence and our own happiness like the small, selfish, naïve creatures that we are, I too take the opportunity of New Years Eve and my birthday to do a little reflecting on goals from the past year and for the next.

Things I Learned at 26:

-Your plan means nothing…you will have to adapt. Forever.

-Sometimes knowing what you want is as simple as being sure of what you don’t want.

-When you’re not sure…try anyway

-Once the money is gone it doesn’t matter where it went…spend it right.

-Don’t let the details eat you, you won’t remember them in five minutes.

-If someone makes you feel like poo, run away and don’t look back.

-Think about how your actions and words are going to affect someone else before you go through with them.

I guess the "MOO" shirt somehow went with the Troll theme?

I guess the “MOO” shirt somehow went with the Troll theme?


And as for twenty-seven, may you bring the patience that I know all-too-well I need.

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