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January 25, 2013

Like a half-eaten bowl of cereal. What a waste.

She dug a hole in herself. A piece of a whole. A hole in a whole. An unholy [w]hole. Peace in a hole. A moment broken. A broken moment. Repeat it to yourself. Spell it out. Broken. You broke her you bought her. Unable to be bought she lay broken. Piecing herself together again.  A gain for peace. A peaceful again. Waiting for pieces of peace and peaceful pieces. Words are like photographs, you can never find the right one in that big box. Her head swelled like a,”but I am a product of similar circumstance”, like an uninflated balloon of all too similar circumstance. “I am a product of nearly the same circumstance,” a mantra, an unworthy mantra providing little to know, little to no reassurance. Assurance of recuperation. Reassistance. Readmittance. Reduction. Reduced. Reduced to nothing but pieces of peace.

A peaceful moment. A moment of piece. A piece of a moment. To come. A glimpse. A respite. Spiteful peace in a moment of reduction. A page they landed on together, like flying cartoons landing heavy on a three-dimensional drawing, standing tall and releasing. Reducing all previous moments to this piece of a moment that was saturated with hell. A hiccup of a piece of heaven in this oddly shaped hell moment. She landed heavy with soft feet and for the first time his hand outstretched to her without an invitation. Not bought but requested. Requited. Required. Reduced to a moment of peace in this piece of heaven inside this hellish uninflated balloon of “but I am a product of a circumstance all too similar.”

The same half-eaten bowl of cereal that none of hers would leave untouched. The saddest of soggy spheres, melted into milk substitute. Disintegrating. Abandoned. Moment. MOMENT. Finding a peaceful piece of piece in the milk substitute.

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