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Real Life

January 17, 2013

Coming at’cha live from my big wooden desk here in Los Feliz, staring out the window at the huge brush-painted sky and palm trees; a stark contrast to the claustrophobic landscape out the windows of the many NYC apartments I spent time in over the past six weeks. All my previous return-to-LA feelings were slightly sour, this one a welcome change. Immediately I felt the space, the largeness of the sky, the beauty of the hills, the strength of the sun and was truly happy to be back.

The past six weeks were unbelievable. Anyone who says “you can never go back home again”, obviously doesn’t have the amazing support system that I do. I was able to jump back in and pick up a little bit of work at the restaurant that was my home for my post-grad years in the city and thus was able to eat SO MUCH delicious pasta. I was able to see some family in Connecticut that I’ve missed very much and have, shockingly, so much more pasta! I got to attend a Bachelorette party that began with a Barry’s Boot Camp class in Tribeca (ouch!) and ended with my friends pulling my leggings off underneath my skirt at a bar in the West Village (why?!). I also got to fulfill my first (shared) Maid of Honor duties by helping the bride pick out a dress (!) and then help pick out our dresses a few weeks later, and then reassure the bride that her dress is perfect. I got to attend a gorgeous wedding in Short Hills, NJ. I got to spend New Years Eve with my best friends and boyfriend and spend the night cooking, baking (I made a cake!), drinking, playing games, and hot tubbing…in the Hamptons. I got to spend a week in Puerto Rico with my insane, amazing, and dietary-need-riddled immediate family sitting on the beach, drinking Coquito, bike riding, and taking thirty-five minutes to order dinner. And (possibly) best of all, I got to spend three weeks adding a Martin Scorcese directed film credit to my resume!

Now, it’s time to get back to real life, which is what, I do not know. 🙂

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  1. January 18, 2013 12:26 AM

    Whoa, that all sounds awesome! Especially the last part about the Scorcese film. Holy crap. You go girl!

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