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Catching Up

October 26, 2012

First of all, this pumpkin ice cream is flipping insane. Trader Joe’s never ceases to amaze me with their seasonal selection. I’ve had a ridiculous sore throat these past few days and can really only handle soup, or so I thought until I remembered I had this ice cream in the freezer. Cue: feeling better.

Second of all, a scary realization hit me recently. So scary I’ve avoided writing about it….I’ve officially lived in LA as an adult longer than I lived in NYC as an adult. Boom. How about dem apples? This is equal parts depressing and impressive. I really do love my life here. I’ve grown as a person more than I ever could have if I’d never left New York. But (y’all knew that was coming), the thought of losing my “New Yorker” identity really scares me. I’m aware that this is mostly ego and facade, but I don’t want to lose that. I like LA. I love parts of it, the long walks turned into hikes turned into coffee dates and watching the clouds drape the mountains, the beautiful bright light that makes everything look like a still from a movie, the girls that I am so proud to call my new friends.

I was back east a few weeks ago for a wedding (madness, I tell you, stop growing up, friends!) and at first it was uncomfortable. I was scared. I wondered if I’d become soft, if LA had made me unable to handle Manhattan finally. I spent the first night in the city upset, kind of sick, and wearing ill-advised wedge boots. It wasn’t pretty. I went to bed with knots in my stomach. What if I really didn’t ever want to come back? And then I woke up the next morning after twelve hours of sleep and headed south to beautiful Pennsylvania for an unbelievably beautiful wedding and an amazing time with my high school friends. And then I came back to the city. And then I went to an Oktoberfest party at a bier garten. And then I went to dinner with my oldest friends in the world. And then I went to Brooklyn. And then the next day I went to a yoga class and a bookstore and ate an arepa and walked all over and left my backpack in a bar with my republican friend, and the next day I went to the MET with my mom and then I went to Brooklyn again and I watched the 2nd debate in a bar where people were cheering for the debate, and then I looked into never leaving. And then I left. So here I am, back in LA waiting for my life to happen. Or fighting for my life to happen. Or making my life happen. I’m not sure.

I am spending all of December in NY, though. So at least I have that.

Other random thoughts:

  • If you haven’t already check out and/or donated to my pilot, please do so, the link is here and it’s called “Stripped” and its about a trust fund girl who loses all her money and becomes a stripper to pay off her debts. It’s a comedy and it’s really funny and sexy and basically awesome, so please donate anything you can so I can pay my crew and make something you’d all be proud of.
  • My aunt sent me candy corn slippers and they’re super cheesy and not something I’d ever buy myself, but I’m sort of obsessed with their kitsch factor and laugh every time I look at myself wearing them. So I guess she got me a pretty sweet little present.
  • Having a job where you don’t get paid unless you show up sucks. I want paid sick days.
  • I don’t have a halloween costume yet and I’m going to a party on Saturday night. I need ideas. GO!


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