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October 9, 2012

Okay you silly, sexy babes and boys, the time has come. The pilot I’ve been writing for the past 10 months is finally finished. Now it’s time that I ask for a little bit of help. I can’t make this thing on my own so I’ve found a pretty rad team of people to work with and we’ll be ready to go as soon as we can raise the money to start shooting.

In an effort to cut out the middle man I’ve opted to not use a money-raising site, but have simply put a PayPal donation button on this site here. So this means I need you all to send this around, link it, tell your office about it, show it to strangers in the street, give it to your cousins, send it to your grandma, whatever (okay, so maybe not your grandmother). Let’s get this thing made.

Again, to watch and/or donate go HERE.


❤ Thanks ❤

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