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August 15, 2012

I’m not trying to be preachy or anything here (how many times have I said that), but it feels really nice to not have an air conditioner or a microwave in my apartment. I mean, until it’s 100 degrees and I have to sit in front of the fan at all times, but even then, having real air and food cooked with real heat is kind of nice. I’d like to attribute my recent successes to this lifestyle adaptation, but I have no tangible recent successes to report. I can happily report that the status quo has improved, as has my general demeanor now that things are significantly less chaotic here in August than they were in July.

I find myself craving and anticipating winter more strongly than in years past. I feel like most of this can be attributed to the fact that I’ve been an Angeleno for almost 2 years now (it’s creeping up on being longer than I actually resided in Manhattan for any uninterrupted duration…which I recognize is embarrassingly short for someone who claims to be from New York…but…yeah…so…well just fuck off, okay?) and this heat is unbearable. There is talk of spending the entire month of December on the east coast and, frankly, I’m already looking forward to that idea so much that I think I need to work on making it a reality. I want to be cold. I want brisk air that has substance to it. I want to pick an apple. I want to trudge through snow.

My upstairs neighbors have really loud sex and I don’t know what they look like and I find that disconcerting.

I made chocolate chip cookies last week and should’ve given up when I noticed I only had baking powder, not soda, or then when I noticed that I didn’t have quite enough butter, because it was too late to give up once I realized that my cookie sheet was too big for my vintage oven. If anyone wants to come over for some week-old, very, very sub-par chocolate chip cookies, my door is always open.

Hey Politics, can someone give us an adequate way to fix the absolute disaster that this country has become since I was a child? I’d like to see if growing up really sucks this much or if it’s just the state of the Union.

Oh yeah, and I don’t usually report on sexism, but I’m beginning to wonder if Aaron Sorkin is aware that the feminist movement ever took place because Newsroom is ragingly sexist enough to even offend me, and I don’t usually even notice moderate sexism (in either direction). I wish I could stop watching the show, but…I can’t.

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  1. August 23, 2012 10:45 AM

    a) even sitting in front of your “fan” won’t help you if it’s 100 degrees. size matters, honey.
    b) good luck picking an apple in december. but if you really do crave winter as you say, come visit me in michigan 🙂
    c) i was pretty sure i ate all those baking power-filled chocolate chip cookies two saturday mornings ago….
    d) you should play vintage 70’s porn loudly on your mac-TV hookup for your upstairs neighbors one of these days.

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