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Taking Inventory

May 18, 2012


Things I’m Grateful For That I Can’t Believe Are True

This isn’t meant to be a forum where I brag about how amazing my life is (also, I’ve mostly just been using it as a forum to complain about how terrible my life is, which is whiny and terrible and I see that now…sooo, we’re even?), but I feel like it is important to take stock once and a while of all the amazing things you have to be thankful for. Not just on a random Thursday in November, but all year ’round. So here’s some things to be thankful for:

I have a whole slew of family members who not only love me, but are pretty frickin’ stellar human beings.

In my entire post-college life I’ve never not lived a close walking distance from a Two Boots Pizza. That’s four years, two coasts, and four apartments.

I’ve never had a problem that was impossible to overcome. Someone always has my back, just in case. This isn’t a real statistic but I can’t imagine that more than 2% of the world’s population feel this way. I am the 2%. (Insert milk joke).

For inspiration. Having it, needing it, loving it, and thriving off of it.

I have a surplus of love in my life. Of course it doesn’t always feel this way, but when checking in on things that I should be grateful for I sit back and can realize just how much love I have to give and how much love I have headed my way at any given point. This is a true blessing, and shouldn’t ever be taken for granted.

Health. I think that you’d be hard pressed to find a single human being who doesn’t become more and more aware of the importance of being healthy as they grow up. Family members become ill, heartbreaking injuries occur and there is simply nothing more disheartening than aging, but I am fortunate enough to have my health. My body is a capable machine and for the most part it does what I tell it to. This is truly awesome.


Off the topic of being lucky, last night I took myself on a super hot solo-date to the movies to see The Dictator. I wore a headband and one of my boyfriend’s t-shirts (sorry…) bought a popcorn and some Sour Patch Watermelons and swiped it all on the AMC gift card my brother got me for Christmas (and I still had to throw down $2 for the candy, oh movie theater prices). Forgetting that I was going to see a movie the day after it came out, at 10 pm on a Thursday in Burbank, CA, I expected a semi-empty theater and walked in to a zoo. A zoo, kids. Like if there weren’t actual animals in there I’d be surprised. I planted myself and my snack-buddies in a handicapped chair, figuring that any actually handicapped patrons would probably attend a theater with less stairs to walk up to. Folks, movie theater etiquette is terrible. The girl in the row in front of me was literally on her phone for the entire movie and the couple who took the two empty seats next to me in my handicapped mini-row were a) drinking Bud Light b) kissing each other complete with smoochy kissing noises enhanced just in case people didn’t know what they were doing, c) talked the entire time and d) the girl kept saying “That’s stoopud” every time something funny happened. Yes, it is stupid, it is a Sacha Baron Cohen movie, it’s stupid funny. Shut up and let me enjoy my dick jokes in peace.

With that, I bid you an excellent weekend. And a photo of me and my best friend (not the Sour Patch Watermelons…)

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  1. medialogy permalink
    May 21, 2012 4:33 PM

    (c) hlm 🙂

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