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Myriad Nonsensical: Part II

February 22, 2012

Last year I wrote this and I thought I’d do another:

When do our dreams stop being goals and start being memories?

Why do I seem to be collecting one-sided friendships like dirty, single socks?

No matter how much you give, some people only see what you didn’t get around to.

Orange juice doesn’t taste good when you’re sick.

We should all turn our phones and computers off for one day. We could read about it the next day on Twitter.

I wish I could trade lives with my dog for a few weeks.

What’s the point if you’re not having any fun?

Maybe, we both need to apologize.

I really need a door.

The sunshine looks like rain most days.

Everything is so far away and I can’t feel anyone anymore.

I used to really like myself, now I’m less sure.

The staircases are steeper and wider than you think and you probably can’t stop and sit on all of the steps.

Knowing what you want and knowing what you might end up with are two very different things.

The universe doesn’t exist unless you’re thinking about it.

Put it in a mason jar and make it all taste better.

Take a pretty picture and chew on it.


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