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Whitney, and other things I’m having a hard time with.

February 12, 2012

As I sit here, at the foot of my bed, a glass of red wine precariously balancing atop a book far too close to the laptop, watching Whitney Houston YouTube videos, I’m not just reflecting on the career of a woman whose talent was immeasurable (and vices were lethal) but I’m reflecting on another moment propelling me away from my past, my childhood.

Like so many children of the 80s, my memories play along the backdrop of Whitney, Michael Jackson, and so many more (Paula Abdul, Madonna, Spin Doctors, etc, etc, etc). So now, what happens? I feel like my parents. This started out as a coherently written piece and then I started drinking more wine and this video of the National Anthem came on and now I’m just a mess. Don’t be confused here, I’m not a huge Whitney Houston fan or anything…sure, I was hoping for a big comeback for a year or two now, but this wasn’t the shock of a lifetime. First of all, I’m a very emotional person. Second of all, I’m a very nostalgic person. And third of all, this wine is good. Also, the National Anthem always makes me cry, because it reminds me that people used to be really excited about being American (and it still is so much better than being born in so many other, less fortunate, nations), but damn things really got flushed down the toilet here, didn’t they? Things used to be good. Okay, I’m feeling cramped. I need a new paragraph.

So much better, I can breathe now. America used to be fabulous. You could travel to Italy and things were cheap because the American dollar was strong, Bill Clinton was the President and even if people thought he was kind of skeevy, we trusted him, Whitney Houston had a voice like an angel and Kevin Costner wasn’t good enough for her, and we ignored the fact that she was probably spoon deep in crack most of the time because she was gosh darn amazing. And Mariah Carey was married to that Sony guy and she had crazy, big curly hair, and we won the Olympics and shit (maybe that was just gymnastics…that’s all I ever cared about…but you guys, remember when Bela Karolyi carried Kerri Strug to the podium to get her Gold Medal? THAT was AMERICA). And Michael Jackson was still making kooky videos and it was fun to dance around grabbing your crotch and scaring the bejesus out of your babysitters in the process of imitating him. I miss Gushers. And Captain Planet. And that mermaid tattoo that Pete had on Pete and Pete. And when Kenan Thompson was on All That and wasn’t polluting our televisions with his pathetic attempts at adult humor on SNL every weekend. When the biggest problem in my life was running out of Juicy Juice or Kix, not wondering if I’m in the wrong profession, or the wrong city or going to be able to pay my bills this month. When I could call my Dad’s beeper if I wanted to see what time my parents would be home. When Bernadette Peters did Breyer’s Ice Cream commercials. When call waiting was exciting and new.

There’s all these blogs out there devoted to quarter-life crises, but you guys, I think I’m just like, a primo example. Totally losing it. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss rain. I miss people. I miss knowing whether or not I’m eating enough or way too much. That doesn’t even make any sense. I think this is done. Also, because I can’t listen to Greatest Love of All again. I just…can’t.

RIP WHITNEY. And my childhood.

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  1. Rach permalink
    February 13, 2012 6:56 AM

    That EXACT picture of captain planet is hanging in my cubicle at work (don’t ask why…).

    I miss old Mariah too, and scaring the bejesus out of babysitters/neighbors/random strangers we find in the phonebook, and i miss YOU

    – guess who????

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