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Believing (Don’t Stop)

December 3, 2011

I know I claimed I would do this every day, but SERIOUSLY my internet went out. We had a bit of a…storm (if you can call wind a storm, which you can) here in LA and my TV and Wireless (and phone, but whatever, LANDLINE) went out all day yesterday so I wrote this but I couldn’t post it until today because I couldn’t get it from my laptop into internet land.

Holiday Tip Numero Dos:


I grew up celebrating Christmas and Hannukah and like most children in that situation, I naturally liked Christmas better. If I got a “bad” gift I could spend days trying to figure out what Santa’s motivation for giving me a Dictionary was, but if I got a “bad” gift for Hannukah I’d just get mad that my Mom got me an SAT book (to be fair, I no longer believed in Santa Claus by the time that gift was given).

As we all grow up, some of the magic of the holidays fades away. Each year I try and buy the right candles, bake the right cookies, and hang the right lights to make Christmas feel like Christmas, but each year a little bit of my childhood disappears into the distance and makes the holidays less “special” and more like just a few days off of work and an expensive plane ticket.

THEREFORE, I’ve devised a foolproof plan to make this year’s holiday season sparkly, pine-y, and every bit as glorious as it was when you were a child (unless you’re Jewish, in which case, you’ve probably not noticed much of a difference unless you moved to a city with significantly worse Chinese food and/or movie theatres). Ready for it?

Believe in Santa Claus.

Seriously. This is not a joke. Just do it.

Last year I allowed myself to practice this and I swear to you I had a better time. We all know that Santa Claus isn’t some fat dude who flies in the sky with a bunch of enormous, heavy and absolutely not aerodynamic Reindeer with day-glo noses, but there’s some things we can believe in, like children. Just think about all of the kids who cannot wait to go to bed so that they can wake up in the morning to see what Santa brought them, or the kids who wake up in the middle of the night and hear something and just know that they heard a reindeer on the roof. Believe in them and we’ll all have a better time. I don’t have to even hang out with anyone under the age of ten for this to work (although it helps). Try it, a little childhood innocence goes a long way. Who knows, maybe you’ll even here that “reindeer” this year, just make sure to get your parents drunk enough. (sorry.)

...he's real...

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