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Are there lights on that house? Crap, it’s the HOLIDAYS!

November 29, 2011

I guess it’s holiday season again. It’s hard to tell here in LA where it’s a balmy 75 degrees and the air smells like street tacos instead of fireplaces, but alas, the eating holiday is over and the shopping holiday has passed so we must be coming up on the season of mistletoe, reindeer, imaginary fat men inside your house at night,  fried shredded potatoes and ceremonial candle lighting. Target had a sale on miniature fake Christmas trees with built-in lights that seemed harmless enough, so I bought one. It’s awkwardly placed on a bookshelf and the cord for the lights doesn’t reach an outlet and I’m out of extension cords, so I figure the “tree lighting ceremony” will coincide with another trip to Target for an extension cord. Or just unplugging the printer for a few weeks.

Want a few tips to survive the holidays? No? Too bad, I’m gonna give them to you anyway. One today, another tomorrow, et cetera. I need a regimen. And not just to lose the eight pounds I’ve gained since last week.

1) Always have a go-to recipe for something you can bring to a party that is easy to make. I brought butternut squash and ricotta sage crostini to Thanksgiving and thus spent the first hour asking other people to pour mimosas into my mouth while I had ricotta cheese in between my fingers. They tasted awesome, but it was a multi-step, pain in the ass. But here’s a picture:

I know, I'm amazing

Anyway, a good thing to make is brussel sprouts, because they look gourmet but you can secretly just chop ’em up and throw them in a pan in the oven for a half hour. And they sell them in a bag at Trader Joes. Here’s my favorite recipe:

Cut the brussel sprouts in half. Throw some olive oil in a Pyrex baking dish. Toss the sprouts in. Chop up a handful of almonds, throw those in. Season with Trader Joe’s South African Spice stuff (it’s killer), a little bit of light brown sugar, and a dollop of maple syrup. Toss ’em around in all that before you throw them in the oven at 400. Take them out after twenty minutes and toss in some crumbled gorgonzola. Throw them back in for five minutes. Take out and try not to eat the whole pan immediately. Seriously. Just try.

Look out for another holiday tip tomorrow!


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