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Towards Positivity…

November 3, 2011

In a large scale effort to be a more positive, productive and persistent member of society (and yes, I am aware that I practice this every few months) I am listing things that are currently making me happy.

1) is this song, which I know came out a few years ago, but I’m ages behind these things so just leave me alone:

Good luck being in a bad mood, suckers.

2) American Horror Story on FX. I mean, are you guys WATCHING this?

2a) JESSICA LANGE. If she didn’t creep you out on the show, maybe this photo I just found will

This dress is scary

2b) Frances Conroy.

2c) The continuous debate: who is dead?!?!

3) Handstands in yoga class. Yes please!

4) The Skin I Live In. I know I’m doing a good job of illustrating how twisted I might be after AHS and now this, but seriously this review from the Boston Globe says all, “The Skin I Live in” is Almodóvar reaching back to his sickest, kinkiest self, and it’s nice to see him trying to luxuriate in sleaze again.” I went yesterday with a cappuccino and an olive breadstick and we all had a hell of time.

5)  This picture that I took at LACMA last week.


How ’bout you?

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