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Moving on…

June 22, 2011

Well, things have been a little bit…hectic? Intense? Insane? Ridiculous? (check all of the above, if applicable) CHECK!

I’m only going to complain for a minute, and all for the sake of making you laugh at how absurd this all is: I found out that my landlord kept $1300 of my security deposit, worked the lowest money-making shifts I’ve worked in a long time, then I realized what happens when you neglect going to the doctor, then I got a sinus infection, and then I dropped my Blackberry into a hot cup of coffee, and it stopped working entirely, which meant I had to spend over $200 (that I don’t have) to upgrade to an iPhone (because let’s be honest, I was going to eventually and this was just offsetting the cost a few months early), and then, just as Sunday night was coming to a close, I had 40 minutes left of my no-good-very-bad-week, I breathed a sigh of relief and checked my bank statement…to find that the small amount of money that my landlord HAD returned had bounced. His check had bounced and I was charged a $10 return fee. Needless to say, it’s all over. It’s Tuesday and this week is great. I love my new phone, I cured my sinus infection with garlic and apple cider vinegar (not together) and not antibiotics, I’ve had good shifts that yield good money, and I filed a suit against the landlord. All BETTER!

Moving on. I turn 25 next week. I feel like this is some milestone that deserves recognition and lots of reflection, but honestly, I’m so sick of indulging my nostalgia and inability to just let things happen without dramatizing the heck out of them that I think I’m just going to let this one pass me by. My momentum and evolution on the “road to adulthood” is friggin obvious. I moved across the country, I moved in with my boyfriend, I left most of my family and friends 3,000 miles away, and I got a dog; we all get it, I’m growing up.

On a related note, the apartment is almost done. Here are some photos:

Front porch



Man, this is a rambling mess. A few questions, that beg answers in the comments section, by the way, so please leave your input!

1) Did any of you read A Visit From The Goon Squad? What did you think? I just read it and I hated the first half, but the second half had me crying in public and referencing the book endlessly for the past three days since finishing it.

2) What should I read next? I’m going away for ten days and will have lots of travel and beach time and I really would love to fill it with some stellar books. (Books I’ve read recently and loved (or just favorites) for recommendation reference: Just Kids, City of Dreams, Mating, What Is The What?, the cliche, but still true On The Road, and Little Bee)

3) On that note: I’m going to St. Maarten. Anyone been there? Anyone have any recommendations of things that I absolutely have to do while there?

I promise a well-worded, cohesive post later this week. You have my word.

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  1. June 22, 2011 7:46 AM

    Have you read ROOM by Emma Dononghue yet? Also, try Incendiary by Chris Cleave (guy who wrote Little Bee). And Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. Also, I’m reading Game of Thrones, which is good, but totally fantasy/historical and I’m not sure that’s up your alley.

    Miss you. 25 isn’t that scary. I mean, not yet anyway. It’s only been a couple days for me. Blah.


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