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Eggplant, Cupcakes and Comedy

May 26, 2011

Well, hello gorgeous readers. Fancy meeting you back here. I’ve got an eggplant/zucchini parmigiana in the oven (irrelevant, but true, and smelling delicious) and I thought I’d hit you all up for some help. Some of you know me in real life, some of you know me only in blog-land, most of you like me at least a little bit (except you, but I know you are intrigued nonetheless, yes, you…I know you read this…you) so maybe you can do me a little favor. Cupcakes and Comedy is coming up on June 5th and it seriously was hilarious last time (not just saying that because I was in it, everyone else was really funny!) so you should all come, not only should you come, but you should post my flier and link to the LAist article (by Lauren Lloyd) on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. Seriously everything helps and I really want to get the word out about this crazy great show we’ve got going on! Whether or not you’re in LA doesn’t mean that your readers/followers/friends aren’t.

I’ll get you back next time…promise!

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