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Home is where…ever you are at that moment?

May 23, 2011

Well, it is Monday night and I am leaving to fly back to LA tomorrow morning (yes at the crack-a-lack of dawn and, no, I’m not asleep yet). To wrap up the visit I just want to say a few things, in list form.

-Your best friends will always be your best friends. As cheesy as this may sound (and yes, I’ve had a few glasses of wine) it is true, they just get you and always will.

-College really was the best. I watched my brother graduate this morning and was overwhelmed by memories of what is now three years behind me (seems like nothing to some of you, seems like an eternity to others, to me, just seems unbelievable). Packing up your room, saying goodbye to your friends, that pit-of-the-stomach sick feeling you get when you get handed your diploma (mostly from being so hungover you think you’re about to go to the ER), and the undeniable realization that your life will never be the same. Look, I had an absurd college experience. I learned a lot more than money can buy (or maybe cheap beer can buy it, I don’t remember) and had the time of my life. In all honesty, I did learn a lot in college: academically, socially, reality-y(ish), and a lot about myself. I know that $200,000+ is a lot of money to drop on self-realization (hell, you can afford a great shrink for that price, and for a long time), but that experience is really irreplaceable to me. And the feeling of having to say goodbye to the place I called home and the people who I spent so much time with, well, it still hits me sometimes and I don’t believe that its gone. But it is. Really, really gone.

-The rain is superfluous. East coast, seriously, what’s up? Why all the rain? From what I understand it hasn’t stopped in, like, forever. Now my flight is delayed and I have to make a connection in Texas and I really don’t want to hang around in Dallas for more than my allotted time (or less) so hows about we take it easy on the Thunderstorms, give the Northern Seaboard a bit of a break and just let me board the plane and fly back to the sunshine without having to wear my rain boots a-plane. Because we all know how awkward it is when you get off of a flight/bus/car/your office (for others) and you’re wearing big ass rain boots but the sun is shining and it’s 80 degrees. So spare me, kay?

-MY LAist ARTICLE WENT UP! I didn’t write it but it’s about my show! Please look at it (again) here and COME TO THE SHOW! Tell your friends, post it on your blog if you have LA friends. I really want an audience and to have people come eat cupcakes and laugh at, er, with me on June 5th! Let’s DO IT!

-Once again, I have to wake up in too few hours before my flight. To be exact, five hours from now, which means, by the time I put my laundry in the suitcase, brush my teeth and get in bed, probably more like four hours. Awesome.

-I haven’t been back to the east coast since right around New Years, which is two months longer than I’ve ever been away from this general area (two months longer than I lived in London for) and I have to say, I’ve been able to notice the differences. First of all, it is seriously¬† green here. Not like energy efficient, but like whoa, you’ve had a lot of rain-green. Also, and this mostly applies to Manhattan (definitely not Boston), but people are really different. From each other, I mean. I walked down the street and realized that I’d never noticed how diverse New York is until I left for so long (I know, ridiculous, but seriously, I was just used to it). Everyone has a totally unique kind of look and you just don’t see that in places like cough cough Los Angeles cough cough.

Oh, I’m not making any sense anymore. This was supposed to be my coherent blog post for May. I guess I lose.

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