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May 2, 2011

So I’m torn. I’ve been putting off a blog post for a long time and now that I finally have enough “information” and “real, accurate updates” to write something, the world has to go and be all, “HEY SOMETHING HUGE HAPPENED THAT YOU SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO WRITE ABOUT”. So fine. Osama Bin Laden is dead. But, do we really think that happened tonight? The idealist in me loves to think that it did. Loves to think that us Ameeerricans shot him in the head and revenge was served. It feels good to think that way. It’s a little bit…gratifying. (keep reading, please?)

But it also feels cheap. Cheap, as in, political, calculated, and not as big of a deal as we’re initially making it out to be.

Short interlude here, but I was about to begin my stand-up show tonight when the news “hit” (always good with the timing…couldn’t even think of a joke in time) and in typical LA fashion, we discussed it for a moment and moved on. Since moving here I’ve made a more than satisfactory effort to become connected via social media (especially Twitter) to my neighborhood and Los Angeles in general and I heard nothing, nothing about any sort of communal celebration or anything like that. a) How very suburban-sprawl-city of you, LA, b) It’s three hours earlier here than it is in New York or DC, and we can’t whip up a little flag raising or something? and c) Let’s all get in our cars and listen to NPR and drive home and think about this for a few minutes before grabbing a bag of spicy roasted pumpkin seeds and hibernating into the couch for some reality tv. I’m not saying that I would’ve gone to the “party” at Ground Zero had I been in New York (because let’s be honest, I’d probably want to but then be talked out of it somehow) but I sure wish that I had some crazy “On the night we got Osama Bin Laden I popped on my Gap tshirt and took the long walk downtown to ground zero, singing in the streets” story to tell my future children.

Okay, back to reality. 1) That Libyan guy…you remember…Gadhafi? Well, he’s probably going to kill a lot of people in the next few days. And as cynical as this sounds, this news was just released because that news is probably going to inevitably have to be released, but gosh darn it its going to be in the bottom corner of the paper instead of the headline, especially since we’ve all seen Kate’s dress already and are so over it. 2) Obama (as much as I like him, and like him I certainly do. Like him. Respect him. Understand his “chess” moves) needed something like this. You better believe that Conservatives are all finding ways to postpone their absurd birth certificate searches now, and the “American People” feel validated (not without reason, don’t get me wrong) and they can feel, now, as if our President has our best interests at hand and really is making a difference. And finally 3) Do we really think that Osama was leading anything anymore? We all know that there are seconds, thirds, and fourths in command just ready to step into those Al Qaeda combat boots and bark out kamikaze orders.

I don’t mean to be negative, because I really want to be excited. Really. But I’m old now (for real, I’m not even getting carded anymore. It’s sad.) and I can’t delude myself into thinking that killing a man is going to make anything a whole lot better.

I sat down to write about all the awesome things that happened this week, but now I just don’t really care to share. Let me put it this way, things are pretty good and I’m excited. The world is probably falling apart, but at least my microcosm is aight.

It’s too late (early?) for these shenanigans. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I look forward to your thoughts on all of this.

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  1. May 2, 2011 7:07 AM

    I like how you use the phrase, “I’m old,” to explain this feeling. Because I think maybe it’s this feeling that’s indicative of adulthood. To be an adult is to see multiplicity, to hold a space for both the good and bad of anything, to look for (and find) more than one side to everything. We get more balance, but less transcendence–our lows aren’t as low, our highs aren’t as high.

  2. May 2, 2011 7:59 AM

    It’s refreshing to read an American write about this with some skepticism. I was a bit shocked to find out that he was just killed and we don’t know how and why. I thought the objective was to capture him. I understand he was an evil, horrible person who deserved to die – but I feel like this is just going to open up a whole new can of worms.

    Everyone remembers 9/11 – where they were when they found out. I’m not ignorant of that. I just find some American patriotism to be a bit much. But you are right, Obama needed this. Cause I remember during his campaign he kept saying Afghanistan is the place they should be focusing on, not Iraq. It’s kind of a “I told you so” moment – to put it lightly.

    I’m not American – so this is just my opinion.

    Also, I’m a bit more nervous to fly tonight now :S

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