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Abbrevs and Bagels

April 25, 2011

It’s Monday, the day after Easter, 2011, in Los Angeles. This coffee shop is overflowing with people trying to get their “work” done. Whatever that might be. When you live in a neighborhood praised for its artist population you run the risk of constantly being surrounded by other people trying to “work” in the sun in the afternoon on a Monday. It’s a little bit infuriating.

On my way to the bathroom I spotted an Arts and Leisure section…New York Times…today’s. Monday, April 25, 2011 (I just wrote 2001, shows how much my fingers are living in the past). You can imagine my excitement as I opened it up, only to find that the entire crossword puzzle was finished. Drat. And they say people in LA are uncultured and stupid. Maybe I should move to West Hollywood. I am getting a nice sunburn while I squint to see my laptop screen here, though. So I guess that might be good. Or not. Depends on your views of skin cancer. Kidding.

Everyone here has a silver laptop stamped with a big white apple on the back. Except those people reading books. There are actual rivers of sweat pouring down my leg right now. More like small creeks, or maybe a fast moving stream.

Anyway. Yesterday was a holiday that I sometimes celebrate. I was going to forgo it altogether this year, as I have no real ties to Jesus, but my West Coast family invited me to Easter at The ‘Bu, so I had to accept. For those of you who don’t believe in cute abbreviations and/or naming your house, let me explain. My 2nd cousin and her family have a house on the beach in Malibu. It’s really unfortunate to move across the country and find out that these people are morally obligated (due to blood ties) to invite you to their Malibu beach home. Some things are just too tough.

Easters of the past have come with highlights like getting the Titanic Soundtrack in my easter basket, or managing to eat peeps without vomiting, so this was a bit different. Mimosas, bagels and lox, frittatas, beach walks, and hot tubbing served as a welcome change. I meant to bring my camera, but I forget at least one thing every time I leave the house, so this time, the camera lost out on the fun. Oh well. Just imagine it.

Happy Monday.

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