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Hump Day Thoughts

April 13, 2011

This morning I was all, “getting up early is so easy look at me, wearing my designer [read: overpriced] running pants, laces tied, iPod strapped on and I’m runnin’ on the beach…I’m even running on the soft part of the san…okay, no that’s hard. Back to the pavement” and then all, “ohmigosh! Farmer’s market day in Santa Monica and I’m up early enough for the samples! Hello post-run vitamin C! Woohoo life is amazing when you get up before 6 am!”

And then I finished buying my black kale and chanterelle mushrooms and started to drive home. And I started to feel more like a corpse. And then I went home and slept straight through yoga class.

Also, chanterelles aren’t as good as I remembered them. Anyone have any good recipes? I took pictures with my phone, here they are, oh, because I don’t go for 8 am runs with my real camera. Excuse the quality.

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