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Saving the world, one OMG at a time

March 28, 2011

SOOOOO…let’s pretend I’ve blogged in the past week and ignore the awkwardness of the fact that I just…haven’t.

Okay? Good. Done.

I had some things to write, but I skied today so removing myself from the couch to write this doesn’t seem a viable option (jelly legs) and there’s an episode of Family Guy being watched in my living room and they just keep saying the word “poop” and I can’t stop giggling. Clearly I’m evolving into Adria Deluxe, or something. I come with fries and a Fresca now. Get it? A joke about fast food. Siiigh.

Let’s see. Highlights of my life and then we can move on to something interesting:

  • Bought a season pass for 2011/2012 at Mt Baldy…heylooo broke lady gets to ski!
  • I have a new friend. I have a few newish friends, but I have a real new friend, who I didn’t meet through another friend and we have real plans to hang out again. Shuddup, its exciting.
  • My Dad was in town this weekend, which was nice. I made him take me out to an overpriced dinner (to be fair, it was unintentional) and then we went to see/hear some jazz.
  • I filed my taxes last night.
  • This is so boring. Done.

Oxford English Dictionary just added “LOL” and “OMG” to the Dictionary. That’s what I should write about, because OMG that’s RIDIC. English is, like, a language that shouldn’t be butchered, but I read this thing today in US Weekly and LOLed so hard about Kim Kardashian’s new butt implant rumors. PS: THE WORLD IS ENDING.

I was going to move on, but I can’t now. What does it take to get a phrase or “new word” accepted into the Dictionary? Does it have something to do with the regularity of use? How does one measure that? The problem is, [this sentence is just begging to never end] with the current state of pop culture and over-saturation being what it is what constitutes regularity of use? Number of Tweets in which the new word is mentioned in? Network cable mentions? Newspaper usage? Because I’m sure that the New York Times and The Economist print “LOL” regularly. As I said before, the world is ending.

What do we do?

PS: The poop episode just ended and I wish it never had, it was awesome. I guess I’ve given up on saving humanity.

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  1. March 29, 2011 7:42 AM

    I’m such a purist when it comes to the English language – I blame my professional writing degree. I am guilty of using LOL in texts and emails and chats, but I would never use it in a written piece – something I’d want to be taken seriously.

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