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>Well, that was "fun"

February 14, 2011

>This has been the week from hell. Between starting two new jobs, fighting off a cold, fighting with my landlord, trying (and in a few instances, failing) to stay on this detox diet, one (only partially suicidal, but also including riding the cart around the aisles like a skateboard) trip to Ikea* resulting in five unopened boxes sitting on my porch, waking up before 9 am four out of seven days, going to bed after 2 am five out of seven days, and just generally trying not to scream my head off in any public places, I’ve had a week. Now that its Sunday at 4:22 pm PST and I’ve eaten nothing but fruit and juiced kale/lemon/apple/ginger today, I’m showered, dressed, probably sporting a 100º fever, drinking tea, watching a week’s worth of back-logged DVR, and still have two hours before heading back to the restaurant I finally feel like I’m catching up on my life.

*I’d like to thank my dvr for playing 30 Rock right now and Tina Fey’s writing for “starting with the worst place in the world!”…”Ikea on a Saturday?”

I just re-read that and I think I need another nap now.

And Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Which means I’ll be at work awkwardly serving all-you-can-eat tacos to depressed, fat, LA singles. Or couples headed for Biggest Loser-dom by going to a trendy Mexican restaurant with an all-you-can eat special on Valentine’s Day. Or my friends who I’m enticing with my beauty and guacamole. I’m just glad I’ll only be at dinner and not a fly on the wall for the apres-meal hump and belch fest. I apologize for the previous sentence. Valentine’s Day bores me. I can’t eat any dessert but dark chocolate anyway, and I have enough Teddy Bear drama as it is, so I’d rather just use it as an excuse to send those ridiculous ecards and make extra money on a Monday night.

Let’s see, other things? Ummm, I’m obsessed with the IFC show Portlandia. I’ve never been to Portland, but I can honestly tell you that every single aspect of hipster culture, not to mention any other alternative lifestyle, crafting/DIY, art world, ex-hippie, green yuppie, etc, etc, etc culture is portrayed with SHOCKINGLY accurate wardrobe, vocal inflection, and prop placement…and it’s hilarious. I’ve watched each episode twice (mostly because I tend to watch it after I’ve “had a few” and need a recap) and I can’t wait for the next one. Mustaches, birds-on-things, sweaters, bikes, publications, glasses, and bangs. That’s all.

Ummm, what else…I just started getting New York Magazine. Wanna know a secret? It’s too depressing to read it because I mostly just wish I could go to the things listed, so I generally read the approval matrix and then just spend the rest of the week doing the crossword puzzle. And I just got the first season of Daria from Netflix. So at least my mail is arriving. Except the package of all my ski stuff. That’s been lost. No biggie, though, because I can afford new ski pants, a jacket, gloves, and goggles. Because my bank account doesn’t have $0.54 in it. Nope. No biggie whatsoever. I should try and deposit that one check I have. It’s gonna be great.

Wanna see another picture? I just took it with my phone, so it’s not great quality, but Downtown LA looks crazy dramatic right now from my porch (and not just because The Grammy’s are tonight…oooh snap. That sucked…blame it on the fever) and I felt like sharing.

I’ll end with this, I really want to choreograph a theatre/dance piece with no words, just the entirety of Tom Wait’s Rain Dogs. Downsides include: people thinking Tom Waits is weird, I don’t have dancers or a dance space, I have four jobs and no free time, my bank account is resting one quarter short of being able to park at a meter for 45 minutes. Anyone in LA want to collaborate on this and/or have ANY ideas as to how to make this happen/be interesting/not be lame?

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  1. February 14, 2011 4:52 AM

    >Nice photo! That's my place, do you see it? Haha.Happy you're back in the working world. We've switched places! xo

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