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January 30, 2011

>I got to be a part of something pretty extraordinary today (no, not the DGA Awards, that was boring, even when I brushed up against Ron Jeremy–don’t worry, all of my vaccines are up to date), the3six5 . It’s a year-long (well, now I guess a two year long) series of personal entries from different people’s perspectives. I heard about it from Laurenne, who did an entry in 2010, and thus inspired me to sign up for it myself. I completely forgot that it was today until I woke up to an email from the friendly 3six5 staff reminding me. I’ll save you the boredom of rehashing it here, just go and read it for yourself! And sign up!

Happy Saturday, all!

PS: I’m currently watching Benny & Joon off of my dvr, because it was one of my favorite movies as a kid (I know…rright?) and I guess I dvr-ed it from being on in the middle of the night because the commercials are HILARIOUS. I just saw one for a vibrator. Straight up. Have you seen that? The Trojan brand vibrator (oh, sorry, massager) commercial? It’s hilarious. That’s all.
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  1. February 8, 2011 10:28 PM

    >YAY!!!!!! I LOVED your 3six5! Loved it. Really beautiful. So glad you did it.

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