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>Just Like That I Found A Theme Song

December 24, 2010

>I’ve been obsessively listening to this song for the past few weeks, it’s by Now It’s Overhead, a band I only recently discovered. I’ve listened to the words but haven’t been able to hear all of the lyrics. Yesterday I even said, out loud, “if my life were a tv show, this would be the theme song”; this was before I read the lyrics. I just uploaded the scratched cd into my computer to upload to my iPod for the plane ride home tomorrow (oooh technology) and in the process tried to google the name of the song and possibly even the lyrics. This is what I found:

you’re feeling caught in a trap
worrying all of the day
always a storm building up
for rain
you want to live in the sun
you’re moving to a new state
through mountains on the ocean
just droning open road
just driving you away
just rest your eyes
it’s time to let the sirens die off
time to let the sirens rest your eyes
and your head opens up
when you finally say
you won’t go back where you came from
no way
from poison fear erosion
just washing you away
from loud to quiet
rest your eyes
it’s time to let the sirens die off
time to let the sirens rest your eyes
And then I [guess, can you guess it? c’mon, I know you can!] cried. Because this song doesn’t just sound like it could be the theme song to my life…it is.

Christmas is tomorrow…more on that later…
Here’s a video someone else made with their d70 taking a picture every 3 seconds. My song is their choice. Must be their theme song too. Enjoy!
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