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>Reverb10…Day 14

December 15, 2010

>What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

 As cliche as this may sound, I’ve come to appreciate my family in whole new ways this past year. With the sad passing of my last remaining grandparent, I’ve come to realize that family history, connection, and closeness is not something to take for granted (which I’ve always done). You only get one family (maybe two if you’re lucky enough to marry into a group of people who accept you as one of their own) so you might as well appreciate the shit out of them.

How have I expressed gratitude? Well, to be honest, I’ve basically just talked about it. My mom and I talk a lot and I’ve been telling her how much I’ve grown to appreciate my family over the past year or so and it’s something that we’re both happy about (I think she is…), and something that I’ve gotten better about showing to the rest of my family. Showing rather than telling as the rest of my family are boys, and boys don’t like to talk about feelings. So I call my brothers more, and I try and have more adult conversations (we still talk about farts and boobies, though. Sometimes.–lots?)

I can’t think right now, I’m in apartment hunting hell. What’s better, a huge amount of space in a gorgeous, usable loft space with nothing cool in the neighborhood, no closets, a [shared] rooftop pool and hot tub, but plenty of space to put armoires/racks for a decent price, or very limited space in a pretty cool area (although up and coming so not quite there) but with two free parking spots, a great view, and a private hot tub, but also no closets and nowhere to even put a hanging rack and no oven, but with an outdoor patio for a really good price…or living near the beach in a cute apartment for the same price as the loft but with no amenities…but in a great neighborhood near the freakin’ ocean. heeeelp?

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  1. December 15, 2010 10:50 PM

    >Ocean! Ocean! You should come by my place and just see. There are lots of spots for rent, I'm noticing. However, I'm in SD this weekend. Dammit. ARe we ever gonna meet? Maybe after these crazy busy holidays. How's your ankle? Maybe I should email you instead? Ok. TTFN.

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