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>Catching up…slowing down

November 20, 2010


From the Quality Inn in West Texas, I give you the past two days:
New Orleans…view from hotel room
 Bayou at sunset-excuse the lack of focus
Austin, Texas fast food, again, focus is terrible

New Orleans, French Quarter

I’ve got more photos, some of San Antonio and the Mission San Jose, but for lack of time I haven’t been able to upload them to the laptop yet.

As a side note I’d like to add that driving through west Texas after dark last night was quite the experience; nothing for miles and miles in any direction, a deer directly in the line of traffic on the Interstate, whipping winds, and an [almost] full moon illuminating the hills. In typical Adria fashion I managed to ruin the romanticism and eerie nature of the area by stepping in a cactus on my way to go pee behind a deserted, albeit working, gas station off of the highway. If there’s anything I love its pulling cactus pricks out of the top of my foot with a tweezer in a cheap motel.

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