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>The Secret Garden Journal

October 14, 2010

>So I kind of dropped the ball, didn’t I? I said I was going to schedule a post and then it never showed up. I could blame technology but that’d be a cheap excuse, because it’s not true. Truth is, it’s not that great of a story.
Want to hear it anyway? Really? Even after knowing that the buildup won’t be worth it? Okay fine. Masochist.
My “new” car decided to fall short of maximum performance on Saturday night as I was driving from Brooklyn through Manhattan and then back to New Jersey (for the aforementioned catering event). I was crawling up the West Side Highway in the Saturday night midnight exodus, and just as I was merging to exit and drop off my passengers boom the car stops running. Battery light goes on and I’m stopped halfway through the right lane and the second-from-the-right lane and cars are honking at me and my right leg starts shaking and I turn the ignition off, put the car in park, and then turn the car on again, and got the fuck out of there. So the story is lessened by the fact that the car turned back on. The story is lessened, my life is strengthened. The car has been in the shop and I’ve been assured that it’s not going to do that again. Probably.
So I’ve decided that I’m going to do a series of posts that are journal entries from my childhood. For my 7th birthday my parents’ got three Secret Garden Journals, one for me, and one for each of my two best friends who were attending my three person sleepover party (incidentally, they are still my two best friends and we still all remember how the two of them had seen “Mrs. Doubfire”–the Blockbuster Video selection of the night–and talked through the first half until I turned it off. Some birthday friends.) So I started writing in it about 10 months later. Here are a selection of entries from the first half:

Oct 8, 1994
Dear Jronol, I am sorry I did not put a entering story. It will start now. My name is Adria I am seaven years old (When I started this. Now I am eaght) I had a hraed writing but I sevived. I LOVE gymnatcis it is so much fun. By
Oct 10, 1994
In school I was so emberessed because I had a dream that Rich in my class loved me I flet so werid looking at him I tHink he likes me.
I have gotten A+’s on every test in school so far this year exsepet for one I got an A on that one. So I gess that means I am a good steudent. bye
Good theingsMay28, 1994
Today Me and caity went to a Boys house and one of them was sort of cute. 
I played with caity all day.
I havn’t writen to you in a long time I don’t relly have a short story but I don’t relly have a long one. my teacher said to do a report on what we are learning about Native Americans and we have to do it all today. BYE, Adria
P.S. help me hurry
P.S. Rachel and I think there might be a goost in our garage. HELP!!!!

Oh that scary goost. Ghost. Ghost. Apologies if this post is a little ADD, there’s a Robin Williams comedy show on HBO and I keep wanting to type “meat curtains” or “balls”. You’ll thank me later.

 More childhood jronol entries tomorrow.

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  1. October 14, 2010 3:39 AM

    >Love this a LOT. Perhaps too much?

  2. October 14, 2010 6:27 AM

    >I'm naming my first born Jronol. I think it's cool and unique. Definitely won't be made fun of.

  3. October 14, 2010 5:52 PM

    >@Ali-Never too much. never.@Rajul-Start saving for Jronol's therapy now…

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