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>Marking My Territory

July 26, 2010

>Having my oatmeal and jasmine tea in the kitchen this morning, reading the New York Times on my computer. Oh, technology, and that “cold” front that came in after the rain yesterday. Man, was that a welcome change. I mean, New York, NY, July 26th: 75º and Sunny? Yes, please!

I’m thrilled that this weekend is over, I spent far too much time in transit. Vans to New Jersey, to East Hampton, back from the Hamptons at 3 am packed in like a sardine with a collection of sweaty, food-covered cater waiters, a mini-van to Philadelphia, a NJ Transit train from Secaucus to Penn Station. Just happy to be in the city, where there’s a breeze. I know, who woulda thunk? I got back last night around 7 and decided that I needed to go for a little run, to feel human. I laced up the sneaks and hit Central Park, and then I hit a stride, and then I hit the pavement. I ran five miles and watched the sun set, pink, over the Hudson river. Talk about reversing your bad mood! I hate how cliche this is, but damn, exercise really changes your mind state.

In looking at the paper online this morning I stumbled upon something that I’m sure is going to ruin my life. Here it is. That little search feature has made my morning consist of looking at properties in Montauk, the Hamptons, and Brooklyn. I’m just mapping out my life, kids. You see, I made an important decision on Saturday, one that I’ve been trying to figure out for the past ten years or so. I know where I want to live “when I grow up” now. I want a place in Brooklyn and one in the Hamptons. No worries, I plan on acquiring some cash flow one of these centuries. I figure I won’t be grown up until I’m about 67 anyway, so lets go! According to these mortgage calculators that means I’ll only have two monthly payments of $4,500 for the rest of my life to keep up both properties. Victory. Since my current income is roughly -$32, this should be fine. Oh, and I can only have one child live in Brooklyn, the other one can live in Montauk, I think that’s kosher.

I’m going to leave my real estate dream now and go get paid to play with children.

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