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>Like a roller coaster, baby, baby

July 20, 2010

>I’m so tired I can’t believe I’m even typing this. I’ve been working the past four days and its as if I’ve forgotten what its like. So. Tired. But also, still really poor. Good news: I’m working almost every day this week. Bad news: My bike got stolen yesterday and my rental car option for LA fell through. Ergo, I’m transportationally fucked. Awesome.

The problem here is that not only can I not afford a car, but I also don’t really want one. I don’t know anything about cars, save for how to break them, and I certainly don’t care what kind of car I drive, although I’d prefer a really nice, shiny new one, but I really don’t care. I want a cheap one with good mileage and preferably 21st century music-playing abilities (my last car didn’t even have a tape player, I don’t want to talk about the radio or the boom box I occasionally put in the front seat). Does anyone here in blog-land have a car just sitting on the west coast that they can rent me? Anyone selling their car on the cheap? Anyone want a blow job in exchange for a 1995 Camry? Kidding. I’d do that for a new bike. Kidding. I am kidding. Come on, believe me guys, I’m not that easy. No? Okay fine, for a 1995 Lexus.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow and the receptionist is going to ask me to pay my bill and I’m going to tell her to mail it to my parents. I’m totally not kidding. I have no other solution as to how to pay for the cavities that I most certainly have (I can literally feel the holes in my teeth, it’s disgusting).

Now, I’m going to fall asleep listening to Band of Horses and pretend its winter 2008/2009, when I had a job, a savings account, and cried listening to “No One’s Gonna Love You” just about every day. At least one of those things has flip-flopped for the better.

Why are moments so much more beautiful in retrospect?


But someone
They should have warned you
When things start splitting at the seams and now
The whole thing’s tumbling down
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