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>A Hangover Adventure

July 10, 2010

>A hangover adventure, indeed. Woke up at 6:45 am in my non-air conditioned bedroom in a feverish sweat and made the executive decision to relocate. I spent the next four hours sleeping on my couch in front of the air conditioner in the living room. I’m not going to lie, it was awesome. Since then I’ve been super productive. I called Time Warner and fixed my cable over the phone and am now in an endless marathon of Last Comic Standing, which I thought would give me more ideas for my own stand up, but I think it’s doing the reverse of helping. I keep wanting to steal their material, which is shitty. I have another show next Saturday night at Gotham Comedy Club at 6 pm, just in case you’re in the New York area and want to come  giggle at my boob humor.

And speaking of boob humor, here it is: The Adventures of Tits and Boobs. This was born last night in a little bar on 7th street. The crowd was, well, not the best, so Roommate and I spent most of the night talking to the bouncer (Dwayne) and the bartender (guy with mutton chops and “Jillian” tattooed on his wrist). Now, before I continue I’m just going to put this out there: I have some shitty nicknames. I mean as far as nicknames go, I have probably all of the most embarrassing ones.   They are as follows: Gay, Tits, and Aids. You just don’t get much more offensive than that. Aids and Gay are both derived from my own name (Aids as a shortened form of ADRia, and Gay as a shortened form of GAYdria), but tits is self-explanatory. Only one person calls me Tits and it happened to be his birthday last night so as he was leaving the bar he yelled, “TITS!” and I responded and said goodbye. Now this put Dwayne into a tizzy. Dwayne the bouncer just died laughing. He launched into, “Wait, did you just respond to ‘tits’? You might be the chillest girl ever. Tits!” He then continued to call me Tits for the remainder of the night and we dubbed Roommate Boobs and thus, The Adventures of Tits and Boobs was born. I’m not sure what that means but we decided that a mountain range would be our iconic image. I’m gonna roll with it. Dwayne is from Antigua and Barbados and was born on a boat between the two. He works as an executive assistant in the advertising industry during the day and bounces at night and his niece calls him “Uncle Fats”. Dwayne is my new favorite person and the reason that I love New York.

Happy Saturday.

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