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>Life of Barter?

May 28, 2010

>I got fired yesterday.

For the first time in my life (by someone other than a horny restaurant manager with a “brunettes with bangs” fetish (no seriously, everyone who worked there looked exactly like me…but uglier, of course) ) I’ve been fired from a job. You want to know why the crazy doctor who made me write letters on a typewriter chose to let me go? Because I asked for today off. No…sorry, not because I asked, because I didn’t just ask, I covered all of my bases first by calling the temp agency (rrrrigght because this is a temporary-see: not permanent, job) and asking my contact there if she could find a replacement for me and then agreeing to train her for the last hour of the day yesterday. And it wasn’t like I was asking for the day off to go to the beach (although it now occurs to me that she might not have believed me and assumed I was just lying), I legitimately got a call to work on a movie today. Now, there is nothing exciting or glamorous about working as an extra on a film, nor anything exciting, but it certainly pays a lot more than $65 (which is what I make…err, made…in my five hour Friday shift at Dr. Lunatic’s office) and since this week was incredibly slow and my weekly income was looking like $175, I figured I should go for it. Well, that didn’t go over well. The Doctor called me “not very nice”, which coming from an old person with an accent translates into “you fucked me over you little fucking bitch”, so I was pretty upset. She told me that I shouldn’t bother coming back. Awesome.

In light of losing, literally, the only steady work I had, I’ve been thinking about what I should do. I was thinking I could barter for things. For example, would anyone want to come over and bring me fresh vegetables in exchange for yoga classes? I mean, I’m not certified, but my living room can fit two yoga mats and I can totally teach a class. Also, I was thinking that I could do my friends’ laundry for them so they didn’t have to drop it off or spend their weekends doing it…you know, in exchange for enough quarters to do my own along with them. Just trying to cover my bases here. Okay, yeah, I’m totally kidding about all of that stuff…unless you’re up for it, in which case, call me.

So I’m actually going away this weekend, which is something that I never do. I’m going to spend the weekend with some of my college friends at their house (aaaah to have an actual house) in New Hampshire. Well, in preparation for our arrival my friend went out to go grocery shopping and GChatted me about it:

yesterday i was buying food and deciding which block of cheddar to buy for this weekend, then thought, adria is coming, and bought the much larger one bc i love you

I know you’re jealous of my reputation. 
Now, if you’ll excuse me my living room yoga student should be arriving any moment and I still need to brush my teeth. Shut up, I know it’s noon. I got fired yesterday and don’t need to be on set until 2:30. Deal.
Happy White Pants Weekend!!! 

PS: I want you all to know that I gave in yesterday and bought one of those “Panama Hats” that everyone…no everyone is wearing. I usually ignore really trendy items because they’re a waste of money and I end up resenting looking like every other twenty-something (or in this case, just everyone) in the city, but I just like these hats. I’ve always liked hats and they always look good on me, so if you’re looking for me this weekend I’ll be in New England wearing white pants and a stupid hat…
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  1. May 28, 2010 7:17 PM

    >Wait, did this seriously happen? Um…you're better off. Seriously.

  2. May 31, 2010 3:45 AM

    >well that's a sad story, I hope you find a job soon really, what film?? a friend of mine did meet the parents, dexter, and melrose place last year, I was in Santa Monica at the peer when they were shooting the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I wish I could be an extra even if they didn't pay me XD

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