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>I’m Pronouncing My Name Wrong

May 27, 2010

>So today I was having a conversation with someone about the origins of my name, which happens at least once a month since I have a rather unusual name, and I was explaining that most people from other countries pronounce it Ahh-dree-uh as opposed to Aaay-dree-uh (European long “A” versus American short “A”). It occurred to me that I’ve never looked up the pronunciation of my own name. I know that it’s latin, and means “dark” (I know, I know…), but I’ve never looked up the pronunciation. Well, look what I found on Namipedia:

Pronunciation: AHD-ree-ə
Welp, fuck me running, I’ve been pronouncing my own name wrong for just about 24 years. Thanks for doing your research Mom and Dad. Damnit. Also, now I’m on and the day will never redeem itself. It’s like when you log on to TextsFromLastNight and you’re stuck reading that bullshit all day.
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  1. May 28, 2010 8:51 PM

    >That's pretty funny… Better late than never I guess :)Also, TextsFromLastNight gets me every time… Ah, now I HAVE to go on it!!

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