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May 5, 2010

>So I have some exciting news…

Yesterday I saw an ad for comedians for a showcase at a comedy club and decided to bite the bullet and submit myself. So here I am, having never performed a stand-up routine (save for every dinner party I’ve ever been to, impromptu) with May 25 looming! I’ve been walking everywhere with my yellow pad of paper with my ideas on it, and every time I’m alone I talk to myself. Yes, like a crazy person, and as if I’m on stage. Great. I’m super nervous (and that’s something that I honestly don’t admit very often), but very excited that I’ve given myself this challenge.

In other news, I drank like a fish at a friend’s birthday party last night and now have loads of residual french fry/beer-guilt, and a headache. And I have a “yoga date” with a friend from college in less than an hour. I love namaste-ing beer out of my system. What is it about a nice cold beer that tastes all the more delicious (and goes down all the more quickly) when someone else is buying it for you? Probably should have refused the Jameson shot at 2 am, though. As my mother would say, “make good life choices”, and then I will laugh in her face and dip another french fry in ketchup and curry sauce.

My yellow legal pad is beckoning, off I go!


PS: Don’t Hoda and Kathy Lee ever get sick of drinking Margaritas and eating tacos at 10 am? Happy cinco de drinko everyone.
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  1. May 5, 2010 11:09 PM

    >I read this tweet of yours the other day and think it's fanfreakingTASTIC that you're doing it. Wish I could be there to watch! And laugh, of course. Oh yes, laugh.

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