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>Unwelcome Pathetisism [sic]

April 29, 2010

>I feel like this personal transformation journey that I went on back in March (haha, back in March, it’s only April! Well, it’s almost May-whaaa?) is finally approaching a sense of normalcy again, and I mean that in a good way. Starting tomorrow night I will officially have only one apartment , and things will calm down for a minute, hopefully.

Since I can barely move my arms and legs today, I figured I’d give you all a visual picture of what I looked like last night, painting my new room.
That’s not what I wanted to write about today, though. And since I’m back at the allergist’s office (and thank god, because I really needed that free consult and stack of medicine to aid my rapidly swelling throat) I have some actual time to pluck at the keyboard! But I really have nothing to write about because I literally have not done anything noteworthy since I last posted. 
On Monday night I heard Jenna…I mean, Jane Krakowski’s sound check of “Rubber Ducky” and a hilarious song about Tweeting while I was stuck wearing a catering penguin suit(ish) and serving over-stylized lamb, then scored two bottles of wine and got out of work at 1:00 am and drank one. On Tuesday I babysat for the child who makes me chase him around making dinosaur noises, and then carried belongings up and down what seemed like an unnecessary amount of stairs before passing out eating Vegetable Udon and watching Glee. And then yesterday I got paid to feed mac & cheese to a baby and then have said baby nap on me for two hours while I watched Parenthood on demand and then I painted wearing a headscarf (standard) and listening to a lovely medley of The Smiths, Ke$ha, Bloc Party, and Alanis Morrisette circa 1996 and ate Greek Salad on the floor of my new apartment.
As you can see, things are really thrilling in my life right now. I also have ummmmNOmoney because I’m waiting for paychecks from the last two weeks, so all this ordering in of udon and feta-laden salads is starting to feel less like moderately priced take-out and more like a trip to Per Se. Someday, kids. Someday.
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