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>What Goes On: A Humpday Reflection

March 31, 2010

>As the title would suggest, this post is an ode to the Velvet Underground.

No. No it is not.

It is, however, two things. One being musings from me, transitioning from one lifestyle to another thus far, and Two being what’s gone on before…in photographic detail.

Alright, so I’ve been institutionalized, errr, office-ized (and ostracized, if you want to be dramatic) for Nine Days now. Wow, I totally capitalized that because I was thinking about how there used to be that band called Nine Days, you know, they sang “The Story of a Girl” (who cried a river and drowned the whole world). Yeah, institutionalized, 9 days…and as a result of this newfound use of my time I’ve discovered a few things that I like and dislike. I am WAY more tired! I know this sounds crazy, because before I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off for eight hours a night or frantically pouring [overflowing] mimosas all afternoon, but I seriously am more tired. Things to consider: it HAS been god-awful outside, I did overeat to the point of regurgitation, and yesterday I woke up with an inflamed throat gland. But I stand by my point that sitting at a desk for eight hours SUCKS, and makes you tired. I get home feeling like the laziest person alive. Like I spent all day downing cheese doodles in my sweatpants, except less comfortable. When I was waitressing I was always kind of irritable because there were constantly problems being chucked at my head (sometimes literally-hey, prosecco corks are feisty), but I was almost always engaged in something. Here, I am almost never engaged in anything. Example: Today I spent 2 hours doing an online makeover to see what I’d look like blonde (Rebecca Romijn blonde=good, Taylor Momsen blonde=suicidal), another hour in an email chain with a bunch of girlfriends with the subject “Too Many Vaginas” in which we covered topics like, the Self Magazine workout day in Central Park, auditioning to be the third party in a threesome, and why my friend works for a company that sounds like an eating disorder. This is all before I even remembered that I could read recaps of last night’s Lost episode. And I got a few audition submissions in.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I feel less productive with a day job than I did without one. And more dead. Like my soul is dying. Not that the people here aren’t amazing, because they are. It’s just that they have important things to do, like get people out of jail, and they’d rather not spend 15 minutes talking to me about how my dress is see-through (which it totally is today, by the way. I’m avoiding standing where the light hits me in the thigh region).

However, on the plus side, I am getting more auditions than ever before. I am not sure what to credit this to, but I have two ideas. 1) All I do is sit at a computer all day, so I submit to things almost immediately after they are posted, and I submit to anything and everything I am age and hair color appropriate for (what will this potential dye-job do to my “career”?) and 2) I’ve taken a new approach to submissions. Instead of writing a cover note in an official manner, I’m much more succinct and to the point. I have a feeling that casting directors/producers appreciate this brevity and are more likely to respond to those submissions. Either way, more auditions are great, landing some roles would be even better.

And now, some pictures I’ve taken in places that are way more interesting than where I am right now:

My brother, Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, Aug 2009
My hand, Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, Aug 2009
Boy feet, Stream, Geneva, NY, April 2009
Me, Motorized Scooter, Rhode Island, Labor Day ’08
Mom & Brothers, Anguillara, Italy, July 2006
9:50 am Beer Pong, Lake George, July 2008
Sunrise after graduation, Seneca Lake, May 09
I have a thing for lakes.
Happy Hump Day!
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  1. March 31, 2010 10:22 PM

    >I could NOT agree with you more about the whole sitting at a desk being much more exhausting than moving around. I do it, and it's ridiculous how tired I am by the end of the day. No bueno.

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