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>Lady Gaga, Today I’ma be a Jew, and other useless Monday-isms

March 29, 2010


Today is dreary in New York, it’s gloomy, humid, and raining, and I think the good people of New York Magazine purposefully released their cover article “From Goo-Goo to Gaga” today, knowing that the masses of the city needed incentive and motivation this morning. The article is eight internet pages long and effing amazing. I know, I know, you could spend all day discussing the things about Lady Gaga that you don’t like-and that’s the point. Whether you like her or not, she’s worth discussing, which is half her genius. Literally just now, as I typed that sentence the Attractive Office Girl (who totally befriended me on Friday, by the way, and we’re the same age, it’s all good-which, yes, also makes us the same age as Gaga) said, “I don’t like this article on Lady Gaga at all…she’s trying to sound like she was poor. This sucks”. You might be putting something down, but you’re still talking about it. And everybody is talking about her. All the time.

I guess I’m just trying to say that what I like most about her is her dedication. She’s totally committed to her art, all the time. And I don’t mean that in the way people are like, “oooh I’m an artist, I live for art, I go to cafes and write poetry and please don’t call me a writer because I’m an arrrrtist.” I mean that her entire public image is performance art, and that makes her arguably the most successful performance artist ever.
                  ******************yes, i’m just jealous*********************

Moving on, today marks the beginning of week two at the law firm. Yes, I’m bored, but I am also getting used to it. I even got up at 6:30 this morning to take a yoga class before work (I know, shameless boasting). They want me to stay a third week, which would definitely turn into a fourth week, and before we knew it I’d be answering phones here for $13 an hour everyday. No thanks. I’d rather sing the national anthem, naked, for Martin Scorcese (and believe me, that’s my worst nightmare. Nothing would ruin my chances of “making it” more than the blatant display of everything unattractive about me in front of one of the most important directors of our time). So yeah, I’m going to tell them tomorrow to count me out for next week. As a precautionary measure to avoid impending office-dom/doom. Do you get it? Ugh, I’m getting less and less funny with each passing day.

Speaking of passing days, today marks the start of Passover (seriously, I need to go into bad pun rehab). I like to refer to my religious background as “ecclectic”, so grew up celebrating Passover Light. A term I coined, ummm just now, to refer to the kind of Passover seders where my dad would leave the table and return with toasted pita bread, which he would claim wasn’t necessary to give up just because the Jews couldn’t eat levened bread, “I’m not Jewish, Jill, he’d say, I’m here aren’t I? We can have the seder, but I’m gonna have my bread.” Needless to say, we stopped celebrating Passover pretty early on. I always missed it though, it stands the test of time as one of my favorite holidays. That’s why tonight, I will be accompanying my lovely roommate to her family’s seder. Bring on the matzoh balls (and the huge dog, which, let’s be honest, might really be the real reason I’m going). I mean, if the Obamas can have a seder, I sure can!

I know the human attention span is roughly one paragraph, so I’m going to post again after I eat my sandwich (the first well-made wrap in the history of my lunch packing<–that sounds dirty) in list form, so as to not lose your attention.

PS: My pictures aren’t showing up today…how can I fix that?!

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  1. March 29, 2010 10:05 PM

    >You're absolutely crazy and I absolutely love it.

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