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>The Office & "The Office"

March 25, 2010

>Last night I called my parents’ house (something I’m less afraid of doing now that one of my brothers is in Spain for 6 months, so the confusion of whom I’m speaking to is lessened) and talked to my 15 year old brother for a few minutes. I try (and fail) to have a conversation with him at least once a week. This is just a little snippet-oh who am I kidding, this is the whole conversation-of our talk yesterday:

Moi: So what’s up?
Frere: Nothing.
Moi: Nothing? Something has to be going on, we haven’t talked in awhile.
Frere: Yeah.
Moi: Yeah what?
Frere: [55 uninterrupted seconds of baseball jargon]
Moi: Nice. Good luck with that.
Frere: You quit your job?
Moi: Yup. So I get to see you for easter.
Frere: Sweet. Do you have a new job?
Moi: Well, for two weeks I’m the receptionist in a law firm.
Frere: You should get a job as the receptionist at Dunder-Mifflin.
Moi: Like Pam?
Frere: Yeah. You should be Pam.

Obviously, there are three important things to be addressed here. 1) Lil’ bro watches far too much TBS 2) The inability to discern reality from fantasy is genetic, and skipped my middle brother, but got me and the little guy and finally 3) He has a point.

Excuse-moi? Numero toi? N’est pas vrai. Non, non, c’est vrai. He does have a point (other than the one that you’re about to make-my french sucks). That is, I should be using this time as the Blank and Blank receptionist to be playing a character. I know, I know, this sounds totally LOONY, but think about it for a second. I am stuck at this desk doing very menial tasks for only a short period of time, so why shouldn’t I use it as an acting exercise? Granted, I should have started this game earlier, but I can still play. This is not my domain, why not screw with it a little bit.

It occurs to me, as I am writing it that this might not be the best idea. Starting yesterday I began getting praise for my “work”. Now I know this isn’t rocket science, and it’s certainly not something to go around bragging about, but it’s really nice when people like you. Especially when one of the partners here (aforementioned “Mona”-who I seriously thought despised me) said that I have a “nice voice and a sweet disposition”. I’m wondering if she knows any voiceover agents? So maybe it’s a bad idea to come to work tomorrow and take on the characteristics of Lady Macbeth (“Screw you to your sticking place/she’s in a meeting”) Bad example? Should I have put that in iambic pentameter?
*Return to your reguarly scheduled programming*

Maybe I could just start playing around with stuff. Make it more interesting. Pretend that I’m playing a character sitting at a desk (not the most famous matron villianess, just somebody slightly less “me” than me). Maybe that’d make it more fun.

Or maybe I should just take the LSATs and work here to pay my way through law school and then try and be a partner here.

Kidding. I gave up the idea of being a lawyer when I got a C- in Constitutional Law sophomore year of high school. (It really wasn’t all my fault, though, *some guy* decided to tell the whole class that I looked like the kind of girl who liked performing sexual acts (obviously he worded it differently at the time….which is coated in irony, because by sophomore year I had merely kissed, like, 4 boys and cried when one tried to take off his pants).

Point being, leave character ideas in the comment section and I’ll let you know what happens when I take them on. Go.

PS: Yesterday I answered the phone saying “Good afternoon….ahh, I mean good morning” twice before 10 am, and then saying “Good morning, whoops, good afternoon” at 12:30. Would have been a lot less embarrassing had it not been the same caller all three times. I’m totally not kidding. He was in hysterics.

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  1. March 25, 2010 7:45 PM

    >I laughed out loud… at my desk… twice.

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