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>Monday Morning

March 22, 2010

>Today I sit at a desk for 8.5 hours. Normally, I think this would drive me stir crazy, however, since I ran the half marathon yesterday morning, I couldn’t be happier with this fact. It hurts to cross and uncross my legs under the desk.

Since it is but noontime (now, that is. I’m sure it will be much later when I actually post this) I have decided to compile a photographic journey for you to go on with me. This is a fantastical journey, through space and time. Just kidding, it’s really just a journey into someone else’s bank account.

When this time of year rolls around I tend to get overly excited about the warm weather, and go on dreamlike ventures into real estate. Right now, as the phone hasn’t rang here at the law firm of “blah and blah LLP” (both said in french accents) in about 20 minutes ( literally 20 minutes, actually), the tabs open on the internet browser read: Blogger,, Corcoran-For Sale $3,100,000 Bethune St, and Upper East Side $1,750/month. So yeah, I’m mixing reality with fantasy a bit. I’m getting paid $13/hour here, aint no West Village Co-ops in my immediate future.

That reminds me, I never heard from that director in Bed-Stuy. What a waste of my ghetto time.

I’m really not focused on anything today, so this is just a mess of rambling (not sure how that differs from past or future posts, but bear with me).
OOOH, victory! Phone just rang and I successfully noticed that it was 12:07, and answered “Good afternoon” and not “Good morning”. Thank God something happened here, I was beginning to analyze the modern art on the wall (either reminds me of something my brother did in kindergarten or a Cy Twombly).

Okay, back to the photographic journey…the following are a collection of places I’d like to be right now/homes I’d like to own. I’ m putting this out in the universe in hopes that a kind soul will donate $10,000,000 to the “Adria-wants-expensive-waterfront-properties fund”. See photos…post comments for more information on how to donate.

This is a photo of Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks…obviously no real estate is featured, but I wouldn’t mind clicking my heels together three times and waking up from a short nap on one of those chairs. Coffee cup in hand, obviously. Golden Retriever at my feet? New York Times on my lap? Sure. Sign me up, and while we’re at it, let’s add a pretty nightgown, subtract 10 pounds-from me-, and throw a big hooded sweatshirt on top. Mmmmmm.
East Hampton. Seagull sounds. Sitting on the front porch…maybe a glass of white wine, a Chardonnay? White linen pants. Crudite. Maybe some raspberries.

Yes, I know, I’m certifiably insane. Two more.

Farmhouse. Technically located somewhere in England, however, in my mind this is in Connecticut. Or England, I guess. Sure, England, let’s roll with it. So, this is definitely the one where I get the English Sheepdog, and red wine, and a dress. And I get to make tomato sauce in the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen looks like this:

You can all come to the dinner party, since you’re funding this home.
Interesting. Email received from co-worker at ex-restaurant. It appears that my last day of work at the restaurant was Saturday…and I didn’t know this. Great. I love finding things out through email after the fact, especially when the reason for it is because I did not receive two voicemails!!!! What?! My phone works. It was on. Frustrating. Very, very frustrating. I wonder how many other messages/calls/voicemails I did not receive. Grrrrrr.
I’m going to have to look at all those photos again to put myself back in a relaxed zone. [time lapsed: 30 seconds to stare at photos] Much better. Definitely like the first one and the last one the best. Too bad I have to look for a new apartment by May 1st and probably have to downsize/move out of my amazing neighborhood. Money sucks. Unless you have it.
Positive note for a Monday. I’m going to go get a sandwich. In the rain. This was truly incoherent. Great.
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  1. March 22, 2010 10:42 PM

    >Um, permission to join you when you acquire every SINGLE one of these places?

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