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>Stars Align…a little bit.

March 14, 2010

>I knew when I went to work Friday night that I had to tell my manager that I was quitting. The following chain of events is an ACTUAL timeline of the events that transpired between 3:30 pm and 7 pm on Friday night:

3:30 PM: I decide to take a nap before work.
3:44 PM: My alarm goes off (a tropical steel drum-esque ringing, meant to induce feelings of warmth and happiness-I’ve come to resent it) and I realize that even though my nap was 14 minutes long, it was restful enough.
3:59 PM: I leave my apartment to go to work.
4:07 PM: I arrive at the restaurant, already tired, make myself a coffee and begin setting up for the night.
4:44 PM: I notice my phone is ringing just as it comes up as “missed” on the screen. It’s from a 646 number and I wait to see if they’ve left a voicemail.
4:46 PM: No voicemail.
4:48 PM: I take the phone to the “office” with me while I make photocopies of the night’s specials. I call back, realize it was one of the temp agencies I’ve interviewed with. They had a position for me, but it has been filled already. “Call back immediately next time”, says the receptionist. Are you serious? It was FOUR MINUTES!
4:50 PM: Return upstairs, wondering if I should really quit tonight or not, since I apparently have just “lost” work for the coming week.
5:30 PM: Secretly check my phone again (boss has threatened to permanently remove me from the schedule if he catches me with my phone one more time. Too bad I don’t care since I’m leaving anyway). I notice this time that I have just missed a call from an unknown 845 number and have a voicemail.
5:32 PM: I go to the bathroom and listen to the message. “Hey Adria, I got your number from —–, who is a good friend of mine [—-just auditioned me for a role in a play he’s directing, did not cast me, but was super nice about it…uhhh great] and he recommended you for a role in ‘The Good Woman of Sezchuan’ which I’m currently directing. I have a girl who just dropped out, so give me a call and hopefully you’re interested in the part”.

5:32:45 PM: I’m shocked. —-really recommended me? That’s soooo nice!
5:33 PM: “Uhhh, I need to step outside to make a phone call”, I say to my co-waitress/friend, “It’s really important that I call her back now. It’s for a role. I never get cast in anything, so I don’t want to fuck this up”. She nods, gets it. I run outside.
5:40 PM: Just spoke to director. I tell her I’d be happy to come in and read anything for her, she responds, “No, no. —- recommended you so highly, and he’s one of my best friends, I totally trust his judgement”
6:30 PM: “I QUIT!” and run out of the restaurant, naked and chugging a bottle of Prosecco.
Okay, so the last part didn’t happen. I stayed. And worked yesterday and today’s brunch shifts, too, but wouldn’t that have been amazing if I did run out naked and drinking??
Oh well! At least I officially quit, and got cast in a play.
PS: The play is totally unpaid.
PPS: Anyone want to donate canned goods/restaurant gift certificates to the “needy”?<–read: me.
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  1. March 15, 2010 6:16 PM

    >CONGRATS! Amazing how things work out sometimes, isn't it?

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